if i was a ticat

just watched tsns pregame speeches by corey chamblin mike benevides and cortez. I can now see why sometimes the players come out flat because Cortez does a pretty lame speech i certainley didnt get pumped up no he cant catch balls or make the sacks but he could instill a lil fire into his players before they hit the feild

If players can't get themselves pumped up then there's a problem. I watched his pregame speech and thought it was pretty good. He told his players what he expected and what they needed to do to win.

Got to agree with this. All that screaming and yelling gets tired after a while. Also the players gathering pre-game to jump and yell and try to talk deep looses all meaning after week three. Yet teams do it week after week. Save it for the grey cup game when all the things that get said actually have meaning and relevance. Otherwise, save all that energy for the field would ya?

I actually thought it was a pretty good speech. Kavis Reed's shtick is getting old, he says the same things before every game, just in a different way.

Yelling and screaming is only effective for a short time. These players are professionals and if they need their coach to give them a rousing speech before each game, then there is a problem. The players should be able to get themselves pumped up for a game.

I never expect to see a '"real" locker room when a camera is present.

I say keep the cameras out.