If I am the Riders Coach for the GC

I put Dressler in for punt and kick returns. While I don't buy the "he could get injured" excuse in the first place, this is the last and most important game of the year so it is a chance that I personally would be willing to take.

Dressler always takes the ball in the air if it humanly possible, never drops it and is as much a threat as anyone else we have. To me, it is a no-brainer.

Any thoughts on this and/or other moves.

Leave Jim Daley at home.

Stu Forrd takes all kickoffs/punts. DD rolls out of the pocket to gain time. DD runs the ball more often. Long bomb occasionally and go for 10 yds plays more. ALS will run a lot so McCoullgh needs to stay back to defend. Finally DD neds to know the oline will try to block his passes if they can't get near.