If I am Bob

and the fans abandon me this yr while the team is struggling, I say screw you hamilton NON fans, and fold the team. Not sell it, just fold it.

This has everything to do with the lack of competitive football on the field. The fans gave him near sellouts for a few years. Now they want a winner.

Is that an emotional reaction Footbal? Because it definitely isn't logical or progressive.

I hope your not a Leaf fan...

I'm a m the furthest thing from a Leaf fan that you will ever see.

I still have season tickets, I wont give them up, but I do understand after the last few years why fans arent coming around. I dont blame them either. Its a consumers choice.

yes, fans that only go to games if the team wins really pisses me off. Bob has really tried to do right by the fans. Things just haven worked. Some things he tried should have worked. Not his fault they didnt. Maas should have been a hero, etc. No matter how many yrs the team struggles, fans should still keep going. So stupid to think that anything will be accomplished by not buying tickets. Bob is already doing his best. It just makes me see red to see so many empty seats and ignorant idiots threatening not to go anymore.

If the lions had a run of inept teams like the cats have had the lions woulda been gone two years ago with the fans there.

The season ends in November, not the opening night...

Like I said its a consumer's choice.

Alot of it stems from the rise in ticket prices and the lack of comeptitve football. Hamilton isnt exactly a thriving city so people are careful where the spend their extra income.

Remember Bob said its not the fans fault it's the teams fault when he first bought the team.

If this team becomes competitive the tickets will sell. But if the statu quo stays it will be 20,000 avg/game

you could be right. Doesnt excuse anything.

I think Bob is a lot more resonable than that and understands fans' frustrations. He wants a winner to!
Seriously if this was Montreal they would be averaging 10 000 fans or less by now.
When the wins come the fans will return in droves.

hows your basketball teams attendance this year? LOL

dont have one. Hated it when we did. Glad they gone. dumb game

That just helps my point. It's a consumers choice where they spend their money. The die hards are there. There are 14-15 thousand die hard CFL/Ti-Cat fans here. the others were the casual fan that this team has lost.

To think, at one time I didn't think highly of you FYB....and yes Beet, the BC fans would have still shown up, just like the 'nuck fans. At the very least you must admit that they are trying to turn it around.

Agreed. I think people are WAY too emotional after just one game.

I think alot of people has not clearly stated what they wanted to say here and there is some confusion. It's not so much the wins, it is the CONSISTANT losses. The people who are not going have been going for years, through all the good times and the bad (more bad lately...). These are people who would have punched you in the face if you bad mouthed the Cats, but people get tired of dissappointment. We are all disappointed.

the only guy that looked hopeless to me was Ray Mariucz and I think his poor play really limited Moreno. I think the Zeke is going to miss his Armour...

For the rest, they just need to keep working at it.

the lions came close to shutting down a few times cus of bad teams and an empty stadium.. these hamilton fans paid up and now they want a winner. Its the way it is and its a promise the owner made, if the fans dont come its his fault not the fans. 20k paid attendance is a sellout in montreal. maybe some no shows tonight but its also a thursday before a long weekend. Not the best night for a game.

I have to agree. most families in this town struggle! sure the tickets really are not that expensive but $20, $40 dollars can go a long way some place else! I am a huge ti cat fan and make it to games when I can. but for those people who believe being at the games counts for everything need to look at the bigger picture.its a sport, people want a winning team and winning teams are the ones who see the fans at the games. As long as you have your fan base watching the games on tv you just have to win to have them move to the stands. if you lose those tv viewers than you are in trouble! simple as that!