If Hufnagel offers tutoring, Austin should sign up.

Clearly, Austin could learn a lot from him.

Do go on sir, in what ways could Austin learn from the Huf?

Taking the wind in the 2nd and 4th quarter is important. When will Austin learn!

And how, sir, do you manage to do that when THE OTHER FRICKIN TEAM WINS THE COIN TOSS?!?

He'll learn when the TiCats win the coin toss :slight_smile: Calgary won it and had the choice... They chose wind in the 4th.

.....And end thread lol

Sep. 13, 2013: Cal 26, Ham 22
Sep. 28, 2013: Cal 35, Ham 11
Jul. 18, 2014: Cal 10, Ham 7
Aug. 16, 2014: Cal 30, Ham 20
Nov. 30, 2014: Cal 20, Ham 16
Jun. 26, 2015: Cal 24, Ham 23
Oct. 2, 2015: Cal 23, Ham 20

When a team beats another team 7 meetings in a row, it's not an accident.

Austin has to coach his players to coin toss better! Lack of preparation on his part :smiley:

If Calgary won the toss and deferred choice to second half (when they chose to take wind in Q4), that means Austin had first-half choice and I believe he could have chosen wind in Q2 (the longer quarter because of three-minute clock rules). On a windy night that would likely have been better than letting Calgary take the wind in both long quarters.

You can't even compare games from so long ago, but the last 3 meetings have been decided by 8 points. Small things.

Hufnagel is a great coach so being tutored by the best isn't such a negative thing .
Glenn Suitor was trying to coach Kent during telecasts when we were in the good part of the season blowing every team in the league out (except Als).
Suitor in his wisdom said Austin might regret not getting Mathews back up time in blow outs .
The only way Mathews could have gained from getting thrown in there in the fourth quarter of those games would be if he was told to play like you need to win the game,put pressure on the rookie ,give him back up receivers and pressure him to make his mistakes in a nothing situation. No good just handing off the ball to a RB,pressure him .Then Mathews can have his confusion in the huddle and take too much time ,lose a down in a nothing game if we were lucky and learn "that" game costing lesson!!
Throw a pick six because you are going down and try to do too much against the Moes.
He could have fumbled out there in a nothing game because he carries the ball while pumping his arm ,natural ,but a easy target for a Defender to strip the ball ,but maybe he could have learned that in a nothing game.
He now seems to be protecting the ball better with two hands,this takes away his speed but he keeps the ball.
Easy for commentator Suitor to say and I agree with Suitor if Mathews is put in the game to play under pressure not just hand the ball off.
Crash or someone mentioned what if a receiver gets hurt in Mathews fourth quarter nothing time? Good point, there has to be a way around that with smart plays to receivers not in double coverage ,good point though.
If Mathews had of got his under pressure practice in the many fourth quarter blowouts there is a very good chance he would not have fumbled and threw one less pick six against the Moes ,we would have won that game.He would have had more experience in the huddle and would possibly not have gotten the delay of game penalty costing us a loss of down and leaving Calgary time on the clock to kick a last second field goal (AGAIN!!!) .....
Suitor is right,something not mentioned is the fact Zac does not want to come out of any game at any time and Austin agrees with keeping him in there the whole game.
I'm with the Suitor camp and think we would have four more points if Austin coached along the lines of preparing for the time when Zac is hurt because of the way he runs with the ball it is only a matter of time this year and every other year. :cowboy:


Send your Head Coach and General Manager resume to Bob if you feel you're so much smarter than Austin. I would LOVE to see the expression on his face as he throws it into the shredder...

he has people to do that

Do you not know we have lost the best Q. in the CFL this year. This is why they are not winning. Not are coach.

naah, this is the best Q


CFL needs a rule change where home team gets choice. Defer, take ball, or wind etc. that way standings are not influenced by coin toss.

I quite agree with this in some form. It should be a standard home team chooses whatever.