If HAM @ WPG was an NFL Game

A good article from the Winnipeg Free Press:

[url=http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports/football/bombers/imagine-nfl-hype-for-sunday-showdown-69267677.html]http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/sports ... 67677.html[/url]

100% correct about the NFL hype. The only sport industry that is worse! Nascar!! Another U.S. dream, or should I say nightmare. 43 cars all on the same lap for 500 miles, bumper to bumper just waiting for someone to blow a tire and cause a 10 or 20 car pile up.
What a way to make a buck.
Only in America!

sounds like typical Canadian jealousy.

I have to say that the NFL has been a lot more exciting than the CFL the past few years and the Superbowl has been far superior to the Grey Cup for at least 6 years. Bring on sundays and monday night football! we have a lot to learn from our cousins south of the border.
There are many Canadian NASCAR fans so shove it up your..................pure ignorance!!! frankly anti-americanism just gets a little boring. Why don't you go watch an exciting Canadian sport like Curling. No wait, what is worse than watching curling...............NHL hockey!!!
actually what is more boring is time and time again having to listen to A holes like you

At least Americans love their sports whether its NASCAR, NFL, NBA, MLB, COLLEGE FOOTBALL, College Basketball.
What are Canadians interested in beside Hockey???

Jealous of what? being fat pigs laying on the sofa all day riding welfare check to welfare check? Shooting off your mouths all over the place with about every country pointing nukes at you? Canada is on the same land smrt, the only thing that divides us is an invisible line and typical American "i'm better than you!" banter. Grow up.