If Goss didn't score, we win...

Goss's injury was the reason we lost to the best team in league, now I know everyone is upset and over reacting to a tough loss, but we are headed in the right direction. The tough part of the sced is gone so now we should be capable of getting a streak going.

Also it looks like Ron has completely wiped Marshall's finger prints off this team, and they are starting to look like a pro football team.

I disagree with that. The reason why we lost was because some weapons we have didn't get used and they should have been used.


Don't get me wrong Goss is great on the Defense and things may have gotten worse coverage wise after he went down however that wasn't the only reason for the loss tonight. there was other factors which I already mentioned.

BINGO :thup:

I just found it odd that after an int for a touchdown, and then staggering off the field obviously in some kind of pain, we see Goss sitting on the bench by himself with absolutely no kind of medical staff anywhere near him. I felt like flying out to Montreal and giving him an ice pack or something.

I wouldn't call them "Crap"...but I hope Jason is better soon! Al's took advantage!

By the way...Jason may have to replace my livingroom carpet, after I went nuts with his runback....lol! Wasn't pretty..."Big Spills"!

GLAD WE GOT GOSS :thup: :thup:

Goss's injury was definitely a key play.
But the biggest key play was Anwar Stewart's INT for a TD.
I saw that play coming as soon as I saw Ralph running across the formation like that before the snap. I could have picked it off from my couch.

Also I just wanted to point out that we would have won if Ralph hadn't slowed down on his route before the half.


Maas missed a wide open Ralph. He missed quite a few wide open receivers tonight.

Calvillo was pinpoint. THAT was the difference

You are 100% RIGHT!!! :thup: :thup: Lancaster WILL sift out ALL of the remaining embarassment from Marshall.

Re-Also it looks like Ron has completely wiped Marshall's finger prints off this team, and they are starting to look like a pro football team Marshall had to go with the players katz gave him, - to insult Marshall, AFTER a LOSS ?? you are writing like a expert are you ?.What the .... do you know!

Sorry guys, at the half Calvillo had 97 yards, Cahoon was a non factor... Goss gets hurt and Cahoon is player of the game?

The Goss injury is the biggest reason we lost last night.

echols had a nice int but after that he did his best troy saunders imitation and got burned at least 3 times.
noting, devonte has to square up and contain calvillo on that last pass to cahoon, not let him get outside on a blitz.

Goss doesn't get injured, we win, even with a crap punter. How can a defensive back, who was it guys, allow a running back Edwards to get behind him? Unbelieveable. Hey, a linebacker fine but no way in hell should a running back completely make a defensive back look silly.

Man I enjoyed jumping around and cheering out loud again!!!! :thup:

Mathews' teams are better prepared than everybody else in the league,he keeps it simple and from day one is molding the team.

We were great ,very encouraging,they seemed to know what we were going to do on big plays and went right after the ball.

Missing Goss was huge no doubt.

Inspiring game for me.

If you taped the game watch the play again, you'll clearly see that after Ralph ran his double move he slowed down to the point where he almost stopped, then started running full speed when he saw that the ball had already been thrown. Had he run full speed for the whole play it would have been an easy t.d.

IMHO, Ralph does "just enough" to remain a starter. He was lazy on that play (probably thinking that he wouldn't get a deep pass like that), he went offside again in a crucial situation, but made some good catches.

Ralph isnt a starter…

I like Ralph ,thought all recievers played well!!