If Glenn signs, who is the odd QB out?

If Glenn signs, we will have 6 QBs in camp:

In no particular order:

  1. Porter
  2. Trafalis
  3. Williams
  4. Glenn
  5. Rookie #1
  6. Rookie #2.
    I think we can only keep 3 QBs. So, which 3 will be traded, or looking for a new job?
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I would have to think Richie would be the odd man out. Trafalis, Betts and Meyer would fight for the 3rd spot in camp.

I have a feeling than Ritchie is gone one way or the other, probably before training camp. Painfully obvious the number of times his name has been omitted when team officials have been talking about the coming season. I think he might be dealt to another team in need of a training camp QB just before training camp. Just a hunch I guess.

I agree, I think Richie will be the odd man out. If he has proven anything it's that he is a good locker room guy and an adequate backup with a somewhat limited upside. And as much as I love the guy, keeping someone around that doesn't have a large upside potential at 3rd string doesn't make a lot of sense. And that doesn't even take in to account the dollars and cents side of things.

Pure speculation on my part, but I see it ending up:

  1. Porter
  2. Glenn
  3. Tafralis

Practice Squad
4) Betts or Meyer

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repeating others ... the lack of mention of his name seems to suggest what richie's future with the team is.

presuming we go with three QB's on the roster, plus 1 on practice, i dont really see the problem with keeping richie around though. he is taller than both new guys and is less than 1 year older than both of them. he cant be making a ton of money anyways (it really is too bad that we cant view salaries ... while it violates the players privacy, it certainly makes it easier to see where a team stands with respect to the salary cap) so, if by some strange reason we need to send our 4th string in, at least he would have game experience and the confidence of players that have known him for awhile.

however ... it seems highly unlikely we will see richie beyond training camp (if that)!

  1. Porter
  2. Glenn
    3 & 4) Tafralis, Betts, or Myer

Odd QB out: Williams

It would be nice if OBie made this move prior to training camp to give Richie the option of signing with another team and competing in their training camp.

Richie is the man, love'em, fans love him too i hope wekeep him he's a solid backup screw the two guys we just brought in.


Wouldn't be at all surprised if Williams is cut the day Glenn signs with Hamilton.

Glenn has more experience than Williams, throws a much better deep ball, and has won more games. Williams has had shots in Hamilton, and has been servicable, but hasn't proven himself to be a solid long-term starter.

Richie would be done. I like the guy, but he just doesn't have what it takes to be a starter. He's had what, 3 years in the CFL now? You'd think that he would have made a name for himself. Maybe the earlier reports of him talking to Miami is a signal that he's been told to look for another job...

Hard to imagine Betts and Myer outperforming Wms. right from the start given they've never played a down of CFL and barely any pro ball. Wms. still has life yet but probably third string in a best-case scenario and only then if Tafralis regresses.

What it will probably be:

  1. Porter
  2. Glenn
  3. Trufalis

One of the rookies or Williams on the practice roster.

Glen should be the third backup no higher but give him #1 Casey’s old number because he’ll be the starter and the rookies will be the backup. :x

Williams might have the advantage of experience but at the end of the day what does that matter for a 3rd string QB. Especially when you have an experienced vet like Glenn. Bring along whatever QB has the best future up side when camp ends as the 3rd QB, whether its Tafralis, Betts, Meyer or any other QB they happen to find.

It's not a matter of if lol it's a matter of when :smiley: and unfortunately Williams would be the odd man out BUT what I think they should do is go into camp with the 6 they have and asess who gets cut from there. I'd really rather lose Betts or Meyer over Williams and it's possible Williams is better then 1 or both of them.

Well, Obie knows what he would be losing with Williams and gaining with Betts or Meyer. So how you could say you rather lose one of those guys without ever seeing them play is somewhat questionable.

I'm saying they should be tested in camp first.. take the whole quote not just a portion.


I think Williams has enough experience he can be used as trade bate. Lets get something for him! :thup:

What can you get for an unproven 3rd stringer on a horrible team?

CaptainKirk wrote:

What can you get for an unproven 3rd stringer on a horrible team?
While you are correct that he has played on a horrible team, it would be more accurate to say that he is an unproven first stringer. He is a proven second stringer as he has shown that he is capable of coming into a game and giving the team a spark.