If Fandy gets away which WR/SB would you want to fill in?

Yes some will complain this is one to many topics for Andy Fantuz but bear with me here, this poll is not to talk about if you want him resigned, what his salary is or will be, if he will or won't. this is a future topic, this is February 20th and Fantuz has signed with the (Insert not Roughriders here ----->....... this is now were we look to our own depth chart and to the Free Agency pool to see who we want to fill in...

(not the poll is not the only options that you have to discuss in the topic it self you can also bring up realistic trades that you think may happen, have at it)

Not saying its a for sure he won't resign but this is just if he doesn't

I had to choose Carr. I just love the build of the guy at 6'6 even I could throw to him. Although I do believe we have the talent already to fill the void ( although with him not really playing last year it doesn't feel like there will be a big void ) It feels more like Andy will just hurt us by going elsewhere and burning our DB's

Shamawd Chambers, though he won’t be around once / if they select Heenan 1st overall. Don’t be shocked if the Riders go after him as their pick, though this would be dependent on a few things
1 - They really feel they can’t re-sign Andy
2 - They would want to bolster the NI ratio in the receiver corps (they are potentially losing Andy and JC, we will see how Bagg does coming back)
3 - if Bagg looks like he will have a healthy return
4 - What they feel the likelihood of Heenan signing in the NFL is
5 - What they feel the likelihood of Chambers signing in the NFL is

Both of these players could potentially be playing down south, so it is a tough decision. I thought Hill filled in pretty good and I think Wheelwright looked to have some great potential before he went down, but a NI would be ideal. Also, as I have said before, I still think JC has it in him, and I think the only reason he has not announced his retirement is that he wants to see how the Andy situation works out, then talk to the new HC if Andy is gone, and make his decision from there…the fact the Regina is hosting in 2013 has to be playing on his decision.

Yeah it really depends on Bagg, if we comes back and isn't the same and JC retires (I sure hope not) were left with Dressler (who will be double covered) Getzlaf, Hill and a few other non-imports, granted we have Sisco and say we use a Draft Pick on a reciever but I doubt they'd be instant stars. We need to make things happen if Fantuz bolts, JC retires and Bagg isn't the same.