I won't expect the excuse that we are in a
building year! what about you???

Let's say that we don't make the playoffs, what are you gonna do about it? Not buy season's tickets? Not buy ANY tickets? Not watch any games on TV? Start cheering for the Argos?! Your post sounds like some kind of threat to the organization and I'm interested in hearing what actions you'd be taking.

But we ARE in a rebuilding year. We have a whole new management team, whole new coaching staff, and the roster has been gutted and is the process of being reconstructed. That's pretty much the definition of rebuilding.

BTW, rebuilding doesn't have to mean losing. But it does mean a break from the past - and that, even if it takes a while to figure out a new direction, is something I am grateful for.

i'll guarantee right now, that the eskimos will make the playoffs and we won't.
i am a ticat fan and its not that i don't have faith in my team, i hope they prove me wrong, but i think the eskimos will gel alot quicker and start winning games alot faster than we will since we have a coaching staff and 3/4 of the team will be new.
this year Taaffe can get his playbook going and then the following year i'll have more expectations since he'll have a year under his belt with the organizationa and the players.

It is all about winnipeg IMO. They could be great or Glenn could go down. The Edmonton secondary signing of cover corners indicates they are gonna play pressure, in your face, blitzing man coverage (like Montreal).

Winnipeg plays us in the preseason, then two against Edmonton and Montreal then two with us. We only have to pass them and "Glass chin" Glenn is not tough enough to take seven straight weeks of pounding. We should sell out to get to him repeatedly. They will have a new OL and OL coach. They cannot win without him.

Toronto still need to sign a qb before he can get hurt though!!! :lol:

oh boy here we go again :roll:

no offence but this is our second buliding year.. its BS, we need quality players, we all cant sit around tihnking about the glory days ahead i wanna see productivity and winning football games, im not 1 to argue about going to games but it sucks showing up to every home game that ends up in a loss.. i wanna win, thank god my NFL team is the colts, but now that they've won ppl who dont know me r prolly thinkin "Bandwagon Jumper" but been a fan since i can remeber. bottem line, we need to win if they wanna keep us fans happy. we wont stick around forever Bob. but we will try our best. its tough to be a ticat fan nowa days

Let me turn this round, what action do you think
i should take????????????

I don't care if we don't make the playoffs so long as we see things this year that indicate we're headed in the right direction.

For the big FA signings and crop of talent we were supposed to have... we stunk... I don't expect a team with limited vets and a lot of prospects to prosper... but we shouldn't be comming into this year looking for a championship. We should look for improvement and look for the stars of 2008 and beyond.

The Cats strategy going into 2006 was to buy a championship offense.. "we come to play" well that crashed and burned... high expectations we warranted and the disappointment is justified.

But Desjardins isn't trying to fool anyone. He's building this team from scratch and no one from the Cats are suggesting otherwise.

Where we were right to expect a Grey Cup contender in 2006, all I want to see from the 2007 Cats is promise... promise can come in the form of a playoff team or in 5 hard earned wins by a group of budding pro football players and champions of tomorrow.

PROMISE is being third not fourth like the last few
years. and that would put us in the play offs.
thats not asking much!!!!!!!!

I'd rather see us lose by one point in each of 18 games than any of the crud we went through last year.

Actually, there are a few sparks of hope... coaching is much better, and most of the teams in the East are in a similar situation as we are.

Hamilton can steal a few more wins this year than last.