If EDM finishes first in the west...

....they will play the western final after lounging around for three weeks. They play Montreal on Nov.1 and the WF is on Nov.22...very good for injury healing...very bad for momentum...

Agree, The danger for 1st place is sometimes you come in slow. Most of the time when the weather is bad.

Here in Calgary, we have seen many first place Stamps teams loose the West Final. Right ?

2 weeks is tough enough. 3 would be worse.

However, lets not give Evil Empire the lock just yet.
I will be impressed when they show the D against a team that is not showcasing the back up.
Easy against a guy that has no playing time.

I still have faith in our Stamps

So beating Ottawa twice in a row and you guys lose to them has no merit . :expressionless:

Beat Ott 2 x row. Congrats.
Any team can beat any team on any given day.
BTW, how many have we beat you guys in a row? More than 2.

I was wondering who the first EE fan would jump.
I thought it would be chief. Good job.

If EDM finishes first in the west...

...they will have beaten my Bombers to get there.


I'm guessing you weren't in the game thread last night. I already said I don't think this team behind Nichols can beat Calgary/Hamilton/Toronto. :thup:

It's a two team race for first between Edmonton and Calgary. Once Reilly is back for Edmonton I can see us pulling away. Of course he's going to miss the Labour Day games... AGAIN! God damn everything. But I think from watching Calgary play this year, we may not need him. Mitchell has proved he isn't elite like the the Top 50 crowned him to be at #1 (what a bloody joke). Anyone could play behind Calgary's line last year, along with the rest of their offense. He looks only average now that he has to try and doesn't have all the elite players around him to hide his shortcomings. It will be interesting to see him play the best defense in the league. I'll give him some respect when he can do it on his own merit.

don't over look that if cal loses tonight, they will be tied with wpg

Oh I thought we were talking about this year, if we're talking about all time then it's not even close. Let me know when the Stamps win 5 cups in a row. :cowboy:

....so sort of like tonight then eh? btw, you have some froth at the side of your mouth....right there....no, other side...

oilrocker, no team is ever going to win 5 in row again.
The best any team or fan can hope for is their fare share of cups.

I applaud all 3 of you EE fans for the good come backs ( thanks for taking the bait LOL )

I am looking fwd to the Labor Day back to backs. That will be fun. Very good race to the end also.

Just please NO MORE QB injuries.

no more anybody injuries

Doesn’t take a genius to see Mitchell isn’t even top 3, he could prove it this year for sure though. Btw, no froth. Just someone who knows every teams situation. Calgary was fantastic last year, you’re an idiot to think Mitchell was a big part of it. Tate could have put the exact same numbers up and he’s not a grade A quarterback. (Mitchell had 5 TD’s to 4 INT’s before the Montreal game. Very Pedestrian).

BO is a great QB , his winning % from high school to the pro level is over 90%. That is ridiculously good . He was fantastic in the last years GC. This years issues are O line related . Calgary lost 2 key players off their OLine in the off season,combine that with 3 injuries to the OLine this year and your going to be in trouble. Inspite of all that , he has let them to 3 comeback victories this year and has thrown the ball very well. There is a reason why Huff chose Bo over Tate !!

Of coarse, I agree. It goes without saying .
However, injuries are part of this violent game.
It is just that QB injuries are the most damaging to the team.

However, I feel more for the individual player as a person , more than the team he plays on.

Very concerned about these slow starts the Stamps are having.
Down early to both WPG and MTL, at home no less.

Do that against EDM and it will get real ugly real fast.
Clean it up guys.

Their slow start is not a mystery at all. A new OLine that has been decimated by injuries and the best running back in the league just went out. Once they get healthy and the guys gel up front , they will be very tough .

Stamps went 7-2 without Cornish last season. Not to mention, they were starting slow before he got injured.

Cornish injury doesn’t help them and the OLine is a huge problem. Any CFL team would struggle with losing 2 all stars on the OLine in the off season and then 5 injuries to a revamped OLine early in the season. I still think Edmonton wins the West but Calgary may be rounding in to form just in time for the West final .