If each team had their own beer...

Inspired by hating my job today and wanting a beer at 09:15...

The Riders already have Old Style Pilsner. Also the beer of Terry and Deaner (fitting I guess). The Bombers have Labatts Blue and the Als have Molson Export, but as far as I know, nobody else has a beer.

For the Glorious BC Lions, I'm thinking Phillips Hopbox. BC breweries seem to do hoppy beer better than other provinces and hopbox=hotbox as a thinly vieled reference to BC's largest unofficial industry.

For the Deadmonton Eskimos, Big Rock Wee Heavy. A beer rich in flavour like the Eskies are rich in history and is good and strong for a cold Deadmonton night.

For the Cowtown Stampeders, I had to think a while about this one. Big Rock Grasshopper wheat ale.

For the Hamilton Ti-kitties, Phillips The Hammer Imperial Stout. I think the reasoning for that is obvious.

For the Toronto Argonots, Steam Whistle Pilsner. Like the city, its great if you like that sort of thing, its not for everybody and the brewery is right beside the stadium.

Argos don't deserve Beer.

should only serve non-alcoholic Wine..... :lol:

...from the 'most interesting man' in the world...Looks like they'll be staying thirsty my friend :wink:

Inspired by hating my job today and wanting a beer at 09:15...

Watch it Grims, some here might call you an alchoholic with such wantings. :wink:


Ah, it got a lot better, I'm heading home in a few. No work to be done so may as well use my banked OT. Still hate my job tho.

@ papazoola

If you've ever been to Ivor Wynne, you know Hamilton's beer is Carling, home of the Carling Beer Run 3rd quarter break show.

Love the clogged toilet pic! :thup:

.....choked on my liquid lunch when i saw this one.... :lol: :lol: :lol:

My job here is done.

Also Carling? That stuff is still around?

Yep. Outside of TiCat games, I don't hear much about it in Canada, but apparently it's a popular beer in Britain and South Africa (probably brewed in the respective countries, rather being imported from here). It's also the sponsor of the League Cup in England and Wales and the main sponsor of the Scottish men's national soccer team.

I used to drink Carling Black Label years ago. I remember there was some kerfuffle about it back in the early '80s. Something to do with being South African I think.

if each team had their own beer, they would probably make more money than each NFL team. :wink:

"Hey Mabel"

Let's see you young guys figure this one out.

sorry, us young guys are busy with our Zima, hula hoops and Pac-Man video games, don't you see?

You old guys figure that one out. :smiley:

Yeah, when Labatt moved Lakeport out of Hamilton I know a LARGE number of people in Hamilton switched to Carling. Here is a picture of the side of Ivor Wynne



An advertising phrase before my time; the slogon took place in 1950-51 as Carling hires Jeanne Goodspeed an actress from New York to become Mabel.

....Ah yes Carlings...Wasn't that bad a beer...I used to live up the street from the Carlings brewery in the Peg (Redwood and Main)..They had a retail outlet out front that i frequented back in the day...They used to sell 24 long bottle packs and were those suckers ever heavy...Pulled a few ligaments in my arm carrying that load :lol: The young uns of today probably couldn't fathom that :wink: :slight_smile: Don't think Carlings was ever a sponsor of the Bombers however :roll:

The BC Lions had their own beer at one time. http://www.russellbeer.com/pri.asp?pressID=265

Thankfully, the contract ended when the Leos moved to Empire Field.

Not correct anymore. Calgary Beer is indeed now sold in Calgary again.