If Durant plays well against Edmonton....

I may start giving him credit or laying off the criticism. However, anything less than a win and a 60% compl average, 275 yards passing, 0 interceptions and I will be all over his a__s harder than ever. Its up to him.

Right. I'm sure Darian is in a locker room right now with his knees trembling, thinking; "Geez, I hope I don't blow it or that anonymous guy named after the Arnold Sharwzanegger character on cfl.ca is gonna really chew me out this time.

No matter how he does, it'll be a learning experience and Darian will learn from it, which is why RR fans are happy with this guy.

And yes, terminator, I know "you'll be back".

Well I guess he better hope that he plays well so he can go to sleep knowing that some idiot on a forum isn't having an aneurysm about something that doesn't matter.

Terminator Im all for free speach. I am going to do something very classless right now but I whole heartedly belive its called for
(ahem) SHUT UP!!! blah blah blah if durant doesnt throw for le.........................actually screw it your not worth my time!! you deserve to have you Rider Pride card revoked and I dont care how long you've been a "fan" if you can really call yourself that, more like a "fanatic" probally like the one who dumped cow manure on Paul Mcallums lawn, because you sure seem to have alot of crap laying around

Terminator . . . Your opinion means nothing to me.

Terminator, would you rather have the problems that the Bombers seem to have at QB right now?

as far as i'm concerned.. if the Riders win tomorrow, that's good enough for me!

they can go in and run the ball down their throats and pass occasionally. or they can bomb the hell out of the eskimos..

They have to win, that's the big picture here.

who give's a rats' ..... if Durant has 275 yds passing or not.. or if he's 60% or not??

I hope durant throws a pass and it land right between your teeth

Great suggestion but the only way that will happen is if he is not aiming anywhere near my teeth.

You know, terminator, you remind of another so-called Rider "fan" that used to post here.. but he posted nothing but negativity. Somehow, I get the feeling you are related to this person.. mikeyboy would be proud of how you are not part of the "kool-aid" gang... hopefully you will wind up meeting the same fate as him... just an unwanted observer of this forum...

terminator I think needs a long... restricted vacation.

I may start giving him credit or laying off the criticism. However, anything less than a win and a 60% compl average, 275 yards passing, 0 interceptions and I will be all over his a__s harder than ever. Its up to him.
A tid high on yourself lol? I'm sure he is shaking in his boots with worry about pleasing you.

Tremendous game by Durant, and the whole team.

Likely the best game of the year in the CFL.

Can't wait to see these guys go at it in the playoffs. The Edmonton - Sask game will be the highlight of the season.

Tremendous Game??? They Lost!!! You must be An Eskimo fan.

Well I agree with zbest, it was a very good game to watch! yeah i wish we would have won!! But we did play a decent game, one big play and a stupid play by one player cost us, thats it! GREAT game to watch though, DD played very well again, but this is SASK, so nomatter what it wont be good enough for some fans(TERMINATOR come to mind) but he still played well enough to win!

sparky jay and terminator are starting to sound alot alike

You're hillarious Riderneverdie!! I wasn't aware this was a " Lets have a group hug" type forum. You have to take the good with the bad, obviously you have trouble with that.

Sparky Jay, that is life on this thread. All the usual suspects that you speak of want posters to come on and give them all high fives and tell them how wonderful they and the Riders are. As you call it, one big group hug. But then when you provide something contrary to their opinion, they attack you with insults like moron, idiot, etc. but fail to back up their opinions with anything concrete. That is to be expected of course. Rather sad existence I would say.

funny u never have anything backing up your statements
i challenged u in other heading about durant with info backing my statement with calvillo and burris examples
u run and hide in here
u sure can dish it out thou
and funny u acuse people what u actually do

well I will be the first to admit that I don't know everything about their stats, etc. nor do I claim to. I just really hate when they lose!!!!