If DMac stayed here as a 2nd/3rd stringer/mentor, would...

… Maas have performed better? Thoughts? I’m thinking so but maybe there is way more to it than this. Next year, one of our backups, even if just a practice roster postition qb, for sure should be someone who has been in the league for a few years.

Earl ... I'm with you.

Danny would have been a voice of reason when Maas was beating himself up left right and centre.

Danny also might have stepped into the leadership vacuum or supported Maas to step in ...

Either way Danny was missed this year. Was he used well out West?


budge ,
you base that on what?
Have you ever seen him whine and where was that??

I kind of like Earl's thinking,....... kinda' like mine.
I still think DMac is our next OC or at least bring him back as a QB coach. Does anybody else out there think that Henry Burris' breakout year was a fluke?

That would be a great idea I also believe Clawed2bitz (like that name BTW)

While I think Danny would have been a positive influence, I don't think it would have been enough to help a QB that not only looked hurt, but played under an abysmal offence that apparently was rendered inept partly because of Pao Pao's failure to change his playbook and signals from his Ottawa days.

This offence was destined for catastrophe.

Sad part for me is that I was so excited by the acquisition of Pao Pao.

I'm with you there Captain.

One thing is for sure, Danny and whining are mutually exclusive.

He's a role model for men, never mind kids.

I'm sure D-Mac would have been fired along with Paopao and Marshall.

Perhaps it's all for the best. D-Mac still calls Hamilton home. He, thru coaching, made Eakin look amazing last year.

True. McManus himself looked extremely ordinary last year when asked to work with an ineffective system and with plays called for him by a since-fired OC. His few breakout games were when he was given some leeway to air it out. Don't think his experience would have helped much under the system we ran most of this year.

I would like to have seen him stay as a backup, but I'm not sure the team can afford to pay two tier one QB salaries. At least not in a capped league.

I think Danny Mac's playing days are over, but I'd love to see him in Hamilton as a quarterback coach and eventually, (if he shows good results) an offensive co ordinator.

Danny has said repeatedly that he does not want to be a coach. He desperately wants to be a broadcaster though. He did it every year after the Cats were out of the playoffs. That’s what he will do when he eventually retires in 15 years.

I think that if Danny would of stayed here with Maas he would of stepped in when Maas got hurt and would of thrived with PaoPaos offence and with Vaughn and Holmes . But that`s all water under the bridge now ....

If its and buts were candy and nuts we`d all have a Merry Christmas !!!!

He would do very well as a broadcaster given his stints on the CBC on CBC panel in past years.

Danny as OC/backup QB mentor/etc. is wishful thinking. I think Calgary is his final stop and coaching isn't his calling.

For him, getting into the Stamps situation was the best fit given his current skillset and where he is of most value -- leadership. I am sure he has really helped Burris a lot regarding reading defences alone.

If Danny had stayed in the context of Paopao's system and the play of the O-line, he would have been paved over at the 40-yard line in Old Civic.

Unless one has a Kerry Joseph-type QB to operate it, that system doesn't get it done since hitching teams to death down the field requires some scrambling skills to open things up in the deep passing game once the initial play breaks down and to keep the defence reasonably honest in the running game. And McManus isn't Kerry Joseph. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Neither is Jason Maas. I said it is so, Joe. LOL

Oski Wee Wee,

Williams looks to be a Joseph-type QB. Anyone want to bring Pao Pao back and try his system again, but this time with Williams? :slight_smile:

Never!!! Joe's O is just as bad with a scrambler, Allen's worst years in the league were under Paopao in B.C.