if Dinwiddie Starts, the game is over before it begins

The only way the Riders have any hope of winning this game on Monday is if Durant is playing.

Dinwiddie is a backup for a reason and he's not ready to lead his struggling team with 8 points in 8 quarters over a team that has a solid group of receivers and a decent running back in Messam. heck we could barely stop Cornish, Messam is probably licking his lips for this game.

I'm afraid to even think of what the score is going to be.

we're going to have to pull one out of our Ass to win this game.

if DD's foot is questionable I say start someone else. Doesn't mean DD can't go in if need be...just play safe.

Put a players best interest first here...You wanna see if Dinwiddie will be worth bringing back next season...here his your shot...The Riders are a long shot to make post season, but it is still possible...this would be a great testing ground/

actualy is Durant ready to play ???

in the 2 biggest games of the season Durant realy stepped up to the plate and accepted the challenge to take the Riders into the playoffs ???

so explain in great depth as to how we can actualy do worse with Dinwiddie as our starting QB when putting up 8 points in 2 games is such a major acomplishment for such an exceptional QB as Darian Durant ?

am I being sarcastic ????

:oops: YES :oops:

It's time people realize that the guy has plain sucked the last 2 games, and most of the others this season. He is not getting it done. Let him watch from the sidelines for a game or 2 and maybe he can learn something about adjusting to what the D is giving you and replying with plays that counter that. I have said it many times, if he is sitting in the pocket for more than 3 seconds it is never a completion. Eighther quit calling the plays that take so long to develop or get the he ll out of the pocket and role it, where he has probably an 80% completion average. He has ben calling his own plays lately so no one to blame but himself. Let's see some accountability out of this guy. Plus his neck probably needs a little rest also or he cause permanent damage, with all the head shaking he has been doing after plays this year.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist make the connection that eight points in two games = not good. However, IMO, Durant isn't the problem: the problem is that he's beat up. Over the course of the year, he's taken a high number of huge hits, many of which I thought would knock him out. Actually, correct that: over the course of the last few years, he's taken a high number of huge hits. While he's not missed any starts, I do think it has a mounting effect on him. A quick passing game would help his endurance immensely.

Compare that to what Burris dealt with last game: did he even get his jersey dirty? He seemed to have enough time to light up a smoke, flick through his little black book, then find a receiver and throw the ball.

I'm not saying he doesn't have he skills. He has proven in the past that he does.

But that IS still the problem. This only explains why it may be happening, but still comes back to the point that the Q.B. position has not lived up to what it was previously, and they are at where they are at, largely because of this. However we want to spin it, they aren't getting it done with their current strategy, and they keep replaying it game after game. What is it they call that again, when you keep repeating the same thing over and over, expecting a different result? Ineptness would be the nicest thing you can call it.

Durant shouldnt shoulder very much blame at all for the Riders performance so far this season. The first half of the season the Riders defense didnt show up and the recievers were dropping passes. In fact the Riders should have been 3-5 or 4-4 to start the season. Key drops by Clermont in the back of the endzone in the Calgary game and Getzlaf in the Toronto game gave the Riders really two more loses then they should have had. The first game of the season against Edmonton, the offense still put up 28 points, but the secondary could not cover and were torched for numerous touchdown passes. The first game against BC in BC the Riders again dropped passes.

Over the past two games the offensive line has looked horrid. High snaps have resulted in two game changing touchdown drives for the opposition that, IMO had they not happened the game is at least alot closer if not a W for the Riders. In both situations the Riders were driving the football down by 10 and 6. The high snap is a 10 or 14 point swing the other way and a momentum shift in the other direction. The offense is then forced to abort the game plan.

:thup: :thup: :thup:

Also, get Durant an offensive coordinator.

Every football team on Earth has an offensive coordinator, except the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

Miller has said that right now, the OC position is done by multiple people. That has to be ineffective.

Agreed. Like i said earlier, it is simply putting too much on DD. Has anyone noticed that the O-line has played worse with no OC? I attribute to the possibility that Barrato is spreading himself too thin helping as an OC.

There's nothing wrong with Dinwiddie.

If you want to complare him to the other 7 backups, he is miles better than Dalton Bell. I like him better than Quentin Porter. He's in the class with MacPherson, Tate and Kerry Joseph. In fact, if I had to have 1 of those 4 for a must win game tomorrow, I'd take Dinwiddie, although Tate is close.

Tate is the #1 backup QB right now in the CFL. McPherson is #2 and then Dinwiddie. But can he play a full game? I am very skeptical.

After getting the golden opportunity to start Dinwiddie just showed us exactly what he is capable of, playing himself off the team.
Release Dinwiddie and go with Berquist and find another QB for next year.
and while were at it release the old guys on the O-line Goodspeed and Mckowski and get the younger guys ready for next year as they cant do any worse.

:twisted: protect your QB at all costs and put the fear of god in theirs. :twisted: and this is what we are NOT doing :oops:

more like we're putting the fear of Dog in them.

Brink, Porter and Joesph are all better then Dimwaddie.