If Danny Mac Wasn't traded

I really really wish Danny was still here to tutor Jason Maas, why didnt we try to get him back when EDM traded him to CGY. You'd see a different QB if he was under Macs wings all year.

ahhh.maybe because we thought Maas was going to win some games.
Hind sight is 20/20.

I remember saying something like that in the offseason.

What I'd like to know is, who made the decision to trade Danny? I mean...did Edmonton actually request him when trade talks about Maas were made? From the looks of it, they never really had plans for him as they end up trading him to Calgary. Who did Calgary give up to get Danny? Did Edmonton trade for him because they knew they could turn around and trade him out? Or did Danny request the trade to get out of Hamilton?

Just curious.

Hummmmmmm? :?

My totally uninformed opinion:

McManus did not request a trade. He has a home and a wife here and never complained.

I think the Ticats pushed to include Danny in the trade because they felt that his time here was up. They catered to that segment of the fan base (which I would like to insult but don't feel like bearing their wrath) who liked to boo Danny because, of course, everything that went wrong was his fault. The club feared that if Danny stuck around as QB #2 then inevitably they'd be forced to play him if QB #1 faltered (perish the thought), and they couldn't stomach the negative reaction from some fans. Gotta sell tickets, you know. Also they weren't too eager to pay big bucks to a backup.

I agree that Maas could have benefited from an experienced tutor this year. And his comments in today's Spectator article hardly refute that.

Apparently Rob Katz made the decision ... when Calgary was here earlier in the year their was mention of a "frosty" reunion between the two in The Spectator.

From what I have heard, Danny would have loved to retire a Tiger Cat.

Who knows, he may be back next year.

A LARGE portion of the fanbase contributed to Danny getting traded.

They booed him in the intros, when he came off the field, when he threw an INT regardless of who's fault it really was.

The casual fan walking down the street would say "They just gotta get rid of McManus"

Even the biggest of fans included him in scandles to destroy the team, questioning his motives and his heart. They called him names, begged for the future (ANYONE that had QB on their resume was better than the status quo) and some even boycotted games if the man was playing.

Looking back, some felt it was time for Danny to leave this organization... but if he was going to leave to be a backup, how could we not accomodate this request considering everything he has done for this organization. I dont feel it was handled correctly by our front office, and there's one thing you can bet on... Trading Danny Mac was one thing that Ron Lancaster DID NOT have a hand in.

I think your right up to the point about Lancaster…no i’m not blaming the trade on him…BUT…after all at the time of that trade Lancaster was head of football operations and mentoring Rob Katz.

If you recall…all the chatter back when the deal went down was that this was a trade that had Lancaster and Hugh Campell’s “Old Boy’s Club” written all over it. Remember the controversy?

Some day when Danny’s back in town we will have to ask him! Otherwise , maybe we will never know! :roll:

Burris seems to be doing well with McManus. Going to Stamps games, McManus looks pretty comfortable in Red and White. Wish he could have stayed in Hamilton to help out Maas instead of helping out Burris. :cry:

funny how fans miss DMAC. Less than a year ago.
Every post on this site was Danny has to go. Get rid of him blah blah blah.
Well the fans cried and the organization listened and now the fans are crying once again

That’s not fair, not every fan thought that.
I know that I for one thought that the receivers weren’t playing for Danny. But that’s all in the past, so not much that can be done about it now.

I do apologize to you and any other DMAC fans out there.
Yes you are right there were a few Danny supporters that tried to stick up for him but got shot down by way too many people.

Hey no worries,
I wasn't trying to sound like a cow. :slight_smile:

Maybe Danny will come back and going the Hamilton coaching staff after he retires!

It’s not the fans who wanted him out crying for him back. It’s the exact same group who supported him that want him back, nothings changed.

Let go of the past. Or should the ticats bring back Hack ,Montford, D-mac, archie, muzika, and anybody else that has left the team? Look to the future. Please!!!!!!!!!!!!

It has nothing to do with the past, the fact is that if danny were kept Maas would be a different QB right now.

He would be the exact same q.b, he still wouldn’t be able to throw the ball farther than 50 yards and his receivers would still have made the same mistakes they have made all year.

Drexl, I respectfully disagree with that. Last year, Eakin seemed like an amazing QB, but this year, he seemes like... well, less. I don't think that it was the coaching change that caused the difference.

I think DMac was doing some mighty fine coaching. I think his body is not what it once was, but his mind, and his ability to read defences is second to none. I hope I'm not putting words in peoples' mouths, but I think that people are looking for his experience.

That's what Maas is lacking... not leadership, or arm, but experience.

Oh please, there are far better QB’s to tutor Maas.
What’s Danny going to teach him… how to take three steps back and get sacked… I think Jason has already seen that game film.

Find a new hobby.