If Clark is out can Bandy hold the line?

Fingers crossed it wasn't as bad as it looks and Clark is out at most 1-2 games. But if its bad what are the chances Bandy can become that next great centre? His U-Sports career was solid and he's got the size (though needs to put on some more mass IMO) to be good just haven't seen enough of him (or paid that much attention) to know if I should be nervous or just annoyed that Clark is gone

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Trial by fire upcoming in any case. Better if he was able to gain dome more know how by not getting thrown into the fire but that boat has sailed.

Would be feeling a lot better if our next game was at home, would be a better place to be thrown to the wolves than in Montreal.

I don't think it matters to the players… road games back to back are also used for team building. Adversity is also good for bonding

I've known a few players over the years and home games are huge, especially with the younger guys. Way easier to get pumped up and excited for the game when you're at home. Plus he's centre and crowd noise for him is a bad thing which he wouldn't be getting at home (though not sure how many were in attendance at Montreal's last home game so that might be a moot point).

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I hear Brett Jones is a free agent. Maybe we can snag him?

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Interesting I didn't know. I mean he might just be a hired gun for the season if Clark is out for any length of time. When was the last time he played any meaningful snaps? Last I can find was 2020 and if that's the case what kind of shape is he in. On the plus side he's a Saskatchewan native (I would love an all SK front 5 one day) which is always good.

Worry not. If immobile MacBeth was able to pile up the passing yardage against Montreal then fleet footed Fajardo should have an easy time of it. Four offensive linemen and a bucket of sand would be enough for you guys to win this one.

You know more than anything Clark is the guy that pulls that line together. He's a 10 year SK player and just an amazing guy. Hard to see someone like that go down and he was angry about having to leave (and sad). Sometimes its not about being able to win it just hurts seeing someone who gives it their all be taken out like that.

And also during that game it looked like Morrow was getting some great holes to run through often straight up the middle. I love that style of play and think the Riders need a solid run game to make it to the GC this year.

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They got it:

"What was extremely promising for the Green and White was the sudden emergence of the run game. Running back Jamal Morrow had his coming-out party against the Elks, rushing for 126 yards individually as the Riders racked up 186 yards on the ground as a team."

Your new guy is gonna do just fine. Run blocking is something O-linemen do in their sleep. Pass blocking is waaay harder. But Fajardo is fast enough to stay out of trouble so all considered... you guys might have the best running game in the league right now.

That's a bit of a stretch but never know. I don't think Morrow is the guy to play every down, not big enough to take the 20-30 carries beat down. He's good but he makes too many east-west moves at times before he starts running and we need a strong second RB to help.

That Morrow / Hickson combo ran for 158 yards against Edmonton. That's nothing to sneeze at. I think Montreal is going to have its hands full containing Fajardo and shutting down his passing game. The run might be there all night.

Anyway, it's desperation time in Montreal with Khari Jones' job on the line. Everyone and his dog knows that Jones is going to take more risks on both sides of the ball to pull out a win. His team makes a ton of emotionally induced mistakes every game so expect them to implode early if things don't go their way in the first half. My question would be... can the Riders keep their wits about them if baited and NOT get drawn into another street fight like last time? Team Cool will have the upper hand here.

I think the Riders can salt this one away easily if they stay focused and let the Alouettes beat themselves.

Yeah I just already miss William Powell so maybe not giving Morrow his fair shakes. Also I still dream of a season like we had with Sheets....dear lord that man could run.

Also I really feel like Hickson is going to be a star in this league he looks quite good.


Well looks like Clark had successful surgery on his tibula ...that's 10 games at least....dammit

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Clark.s injury suxxx! Feel terrible for the guy as an individual. From a team perspective, if there was one guy we could not afford to lose it was him (Cody as well I guess). Hate to say it, but it feels like we just went from serious contenders to "also rans." No disrespect to those who may be asked to try and fill his spot, but from the outside looking in, he just brings so much to that team I'm not sure it's possible.

Pretty early for the fair-weather fans to be dropping but I guess it happens right?

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There are fair-weather fans dropping all over the place already. Check out the Hamilton forums. Forecast is for more, bring an umbrella.

I am waiting for it to happen once Winnipeg has a few losing seasons again. There are definitely the die hards like in any of the cities but the amount of fair weather fans here is horrid

Amazed at how quick some people start to panic/criticize, Hamilton fans started the 'burn the witches' forums after loss #1. ' Next man up' has always worked before. Clarke's injury sucks, but opens a door for this Bandy guy.

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No "fair-weather fan" here...just think this injury to Clark is going to be hugely impactful....and if you can't see that then you haven't been watching closely. I hope Bandy comes in and plays like an all-star, it's the intangibles Clark brought that are going to be missed the most IMHO.

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