If CFL teams were a food?

If this years' CFL teams were a food what would they be???????
Here is my call:

  1. Hamilton- Eggs sunny side down- a complete flop this year!!

  2. Winnipeg- Rotten sauerkraut-- don't just be defensive - no proven qb.

  3. Ottawa- Kale and Poatato soup with Red Chili--- looks o.k. now, but you know they will fart it all away in the end!!!!!!!!

  4. Saskatchewan- hot and cold tamales--- depends whose on shift and needs more of a KICK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Montreal- disappointing Montreal bagels--- stale, old and not creative anymore. Suggest the "Don" switch to pizza with some pepperoni on it to fire up the troops!!!

6.Calgary - Buffalo Stew- some of it is good , some of it stinks- too inconsistent!!!!!!

  1. Edmonton- Sunday Cheese Melts- look and taste good now but melt away come playoff time (remember last year!!!)

  2. BC- March Oyster with Nori Seaweed- a gamble cuz if the seaweed continues to block poorly, the oyster (Dickenson) will get fried real bad!!!

  3. Toronto- Chai and Gingseng salad- Full of herbs and remedies to fight off old age. Damon eats it for breakfast, lunch and dinner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol...nice one turk, i've never even heard of half those meals, but it's still good for a laugh

What you never heard of Eggs?????

This is the weildest topic yet!

and you guys said my topics were bad!

I think this is all bologna! :smiley:

I'm surprised that one of the foods wasn't "Turkey Sandwiches" eaten by Nealon before every loss.

I vote for that thread..........as ," thread of the year"...........so far............

very clever.!

thanks hellothere, although I am tempted to change my description of my Riders to" Milktoasts" ( you know food that starts hard but turns soft after awhile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) after last nights' loss. Oh well, back to the drawing board and we are 3-3 not 0-4.

Rider Pride will never die!
CFL rules
so does Good food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No, it won't........GREAT............I am I NOT responsible for "shadowofdearth's" comments. :wink: