If Castillo is out, then who replaces him?




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I suppose a little bit of good news for Castillo is that the injury is to his right, kicking leg, knee as opposed to his left, his plant leg. Still, when you rely on your legs for your career, it doesn't look promising at all. A definite team bright spot this season, and seemed to be a guy who was genuinely enjoying himself playing the game.

Jeremy Ito, there's a message for you from Hamilton, Canada

I thought that Fera got pressed into service in Montreal last season when Bede had his struggles and did a decent job, but I could be wrong. I think Hawkins and maybe Early were among the kickers tried out during training camp so at least they'd be familiar with the team but they were released for a reason. Of course no one is going to be as good as Serge but at this point beggars can't be choosers. Faubert Lussier impressed me though and the punting average didn't take much of a hit with him kicking the ball away. Apparently he's a decent place kicker too so they could roll with him although that would be risky as he's a back up national receiver. That being said, Jones should be back and motivated to play better after his suspension.

I suspect that the coaches are going to be busy tomorrow (maybe even have been today) looking for a replacement.

Forgot about Jones, who would have been dressed as the backup national receiver. Still wondering who their backup kicker would have been.

Milo seems like the obvious choice to me to replace Castillo. Doesn't hurt that he is a National.
85% previous 2 seasons in FG accuracy is good enough as a fill in.

Based on nothing but Craig "the leg" Peterson was a late cut in the preseason.

Bet we go with him.

Although, experienced CFL kickers exist, you need range.

I think the scouting staff goes with potential over past glory.

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Two names I'm hearing for possible #Ticats kickers: former @UMichFootball @Kenny__Allen & ex #Ticats K @brettlauther

We've got their numbers available -- the 76 Lauther wore here before, and Allen's # as a Woverine - 91.

Edwards worked hard finding all those names from the internet

but one niggling detail on Lauther.....


Keep working at it Drew.

Allen signed. Castillo to the 6-game:


With season hanging by a thread thankful team wasnt tempted to go with a dollar store scrap heap CDN out of convenience

Jamie Boreham anybody?

Lauther was on our 2014 Practice roster as a Kicker/ Punter
It may not be the best part of his game, but he does punt

Here is a pic from the 2014 Grey Cup in BC of Lauther warming up practicing punting at BC Place days before the Grey Cup

Yes, Medlock was our P/K in that Grey Cup


TiCats have signed a Kicker

Drew Edwards?Verified account


As I suggested they might, the #Ticats have signed former Michigan kicker @Kenny__Allen to replace injured Sergio Castillo. #CFL

According to stats, which , you know, sort of matter. Punting was zero part of his game and FGs were suspect at best after his debut.

Don't start.

If "suggested" means "what I heard" you're spot on Drew. Way to go.

Remember when we had a user on here named borehamgirl?

A cautionary tale against creating a username named after a player...

Nothing wrong with being a fan. A supposedly professional team hanging on to a ridiculously incompetent player however.....

Wiki says this about Brett and they are never wrong:
Brett Lauther(born November 4, 1990) is a professionalCanadian footballpunterandplacekicker

Anyways i am surprised the Cats didn't go the route of a guy with at least some experience in the league for the stretch drive. Hope they know best. Different ball, rules, field dimensions all come into play i would think.