If Calgary Wins Today.....

If the Stamps win today, I believe it'll be Danny Barrett's last game with the Riders! I think Eric will be making some big changes to bring this team to the next level. Even if the Riders win today,anything less than a Grey Cup appearance will probably be the end for him! Any Thoughts?

I feel bad for Barrett.

DB has had his chance to bring a winner here, along with Shivers. Both should have been fired 2 years ago, IMO. Barrett has a lot of pressure on him and nothing less than a GC vicotry will save his job. I think its time to make a coaching change, should the Riders lose today. Danny's time is up here, he should go on to another coaching job someplace else.

Your prediction is probably right. Sad to see such a likeable coach leave, but Tillman is a good manager and would want to make changes. 2007 appears to be a rebuilding year for Saskatchewan with new players expected.

Oh comeon guys your talking like were gonna lose!

Probably one of the top 3 coaches in the league and you guys want him fierd? You must be nuts. Thats why you havn't gotten anywhere in the past 20 teays except for a few fluked grey cups runs. As danny goes so does your best palyers. Thats ok though we will pick up the really good ones! LOL

If Calgary loses, then the Riders win!!!

The Riders need some stability and they are just not getting it at all. Firing Barrett would be stupid.

Seems to me one of the top 3 coaches in the league would have gotten at least 1 playoff home game in 7 or so years of coaching!

ro1313----They started with crapp. The missed field goal from 21 yds. would have taken them to the gc. Thereis more paridy in the league this year, but thier season isn't over yet. Say what you wish, but after watching this game since 1963 take it from me Barret is what the Riders need, Otherwise it would be a total rebuiding for them

Good post. :rockin:

Brilliant post I would say! Are you Gainer Jman!

If calgary wins, DAMN

It looks like Calgary is going to run away with this game. Riders cant move the football, and the special teams are brutal. DB needs to make a change at QB, and let Crandell start the second half. They needed to establish the run, and they failed to do even that! Unless the offence gets going and the special teams improve, Riders are going to lose, and lose big.

Sambo man... I respect you and everythign, but why do you always look at the most negative side of the game? Obviously the Riders won, but before it was done, you are saying we were done. Not good...

I launched a salvo of couch cushions at the TV too.. just before half time..that TD though just may have been the jump start they needed

...The Riders played one helluva game....a very hard hitting type game...the kind you need to win in the play-offs....Henry looked bloody gawd awful....nervous feet ...throwing at receivers that were too well covered...Glenn and Burris seem to have a problem....in that ...when all the marbles are on the table...they CHOKE....That's the second time for Burris to blow-up in the playoffs----The Bombers better have a look at that....and review the type of qbs. ...THEY have....and not go down the cowboy trail... :wink:

Im just too used to the Riders folding after falling behind like that... they surprised me big time, maybe they are better than I thought. A few players picked up their game, notably Congi(who punts were far better in the second half), and Keith who ran roughshod over the Calgary D. The special teams were better in the 2nd half, feels good to talk about a playoff win for a change. :lol:

Alright. You pass lol! Rider is 06, btw!!!