If Calgary Blows this Lead?

can the Riders come back to win? wow if Calgary blows this one I see huff making players wear ribbons of shame like they do in Japan when executives don't produce! Whatever happens the Stamps play the Lions next I'd like to see Calgary lose! better for my team i think?

Ribbons of shame.... now I've heard of everything.

Pink ones.

Cute green ribbons would suffice.

In other news the CFL has been bought out by Hello Kitty Enterprises and will now be managed out of Osaka. There will now be obstacle courses consisting of moving mechanical dolphins and large Styrofoam boulders in which a lane will be built where the running back and D line will play a game of cat and mouse deking in and out.

Additionally all games will be played 10ft above ground with out of bounds resulting in a disatrous fall into a mud pit (imported from Saskatchewan).

The announcers will in true Japanese fashion stick with the current play-by-play and TSN panel.

JCFL games will play Monday and Tuesday nights on Spike TV.

If i see any bruises on Calgary players next week I'm for sure calling Social services!LOL

mpdid, what channel is that on.

Actually all Western teams get a two week break after this weekend. Next week is an all-Eastern showdown only.