If Cahoon Goes To The Can, We Follow Him.

How many more times is this guy going to pick us apart? I know he hasn't put up great numbers this year but if there ever was a Cat killer it would be him by far, especially on 2nd down. If you're a new player to the Ticats keep a special eye on him. Anybody else who's been here awhile need not be reminded. Just because AC is out, doesn't mean we've seen the last of Killer Cahoon. Go Cats Go!

Yep...McPherson seemed to have a special rapport with Cahoon last year.
Not surprising that a young QB would go to a veteran with "velcro hands"

Of course, he also clicked with Watkins, Richardson, Green, Bratton, Hawkins....hmmmm.
Should be a good game.

Will be interesting, I hope McPherson is rusty from being off for quite a while.

McPherson's still nursing an injury himself. I don't think we'll see a whole alot of him. If we can get to him, he'll go down. I believe the announcement of his starting is just a smoke screen so we prepare too much for the one guy and not enough for the other. I'm thinking Santos has gotten alot of reps this week. Ricky Santos can run and he can pass. And, more importantly, he's not dinged. Too bad the Peg traded him or whatever means he came to Mtl. Peg could have sure used him this year.

What a great screen name! Senior Ah Me! That's great! For the young fans who don't get it, The Als back in the 70's had an outstanding DE named Junior Ah You. He was a Hawiian and another standout at Arizona State University.

{Ah You is also a member of the Arizona State Sports Hall of Fame and the Hawaii Sports Hall of Fame. In 2006, Ah You was voted to the Honour Roll of the CFL's Top 50 players of the league's modern era by Canadian sports network TSN. He is also a Second-team selection to the USFL All-Time Team.

Ah You was named co-outstanding player in the Sun Devils' 1970 Peach Bowl victory over North Carolina and outstanding defensive player in the 1971 victory over Florida State in the inaugural Fiesta Bowl. Ah You was a three-time All-Western Athletic Conference selection at defensive end. In 1971, he was selected as a United Press International second-team All-American. In 1972, Ah You was selected to play in the post-season Hula Bowl.

Following college, Ah You was drafted in the 17th round (425th overall pick) of the 1972 NFL Draft by the NFL New England Patriots. Ah You spurned the Patriots and the NFL, opting to join the CFL Montreal Alouettes prior to the start of the 1972 CFL season.

According to a 2007 interview, Ah You joined the Alouettes in part due to the Patriots' desire for him to play the linebacker position, rather than Ah You's natural position at defensive end:

“ (The NFL) wanted to move me to linebacker. In Canada, they let me play where I was accustomed to ?}