If Brink wins in Calgary!?

If Brink wins in Calgary, he should get the start in the Playoffs. Brink will have the hot hand, will have confidence and the team will have some momentum. Buck will be rusty,not 100% and we can't afford to see if Buck will get it together.

Big 'if', but coming off the bench if needed isn't a bad scenario.

I think if even Brink wins, Lapo will still stay with Buck. Pierce has been the starter all year long and it's too late in the season to be starting Brink if it's not necessary. Don't get me wrong, I've really enjoyed what I've seen from Brink here in Winnipeg, but it's not his time just yet. Next year the real competiton for the starting job will be between Brink and Elilott.

Not so sure. Especialy if they play Montreal. Brink has confidence against Montreal. If Brink beats Calgary on the road it will be a very difficult decision for Popo.

In my opinion, Pierce will remain our starter, but his leash will be considerably shorter if Brink has a good game and especially if he wins.

If it were up to me, I would be tempted to start Brink, but it would be a tough decision.

And Pierce was the QB in both wins against the Als. I think it's safe to say that Pierce may have some confidence against Montreal as well.

If Brink has an extraordinary game, Lapolice may have no choice but to start him in the playoffs.
It is difficult to give up a hot hand and fans/media not question the logistics if this occurs.

That being said, if Brink has a good game, yet not spectacular, I believe Pierce will be inserted.

Brink hasl control of his own destiny this weekend.

if Brink plays well against the stamps, i would start him in the playoffs....but i think they will still start buck, either way.

What about this scenario???

Brink cant get anything going, fumbles the ball, interceptions galore, sacked like a rag doll? Then Goltz comes in and same deal, followed by Summers same deal. Stamps lose 57-3..Hope it dopes not happen this way (God forbid)...but if it does, then what?

And Peirce is not ready for the semi final, then what do we do?

I know the answer!

Stamps lose by 54 points and Brink can throw 20 interceptions for all I care.

You win the dumbest post on this thread,congrats!

Then why did you bother to ask the question ?

Anyway. . . how did you make out with that letter you were going to send to Mark Cohon complaining about the Click running this place? Did you get a response? Care to share it with us ?

:? Have no idea what you are speaking of? I was going to suggest Doug Flutie could be brought in

Bombers I meant to say

Yeah, right.

........How bout this stumpsstumps....IF Bombers win in cowtown with Brink ...I'd say we have a couple of very good qbs....add to that Elliott next year ....nice problem to have :wink: :wink: :wink:


Go Bombers.

This might be the silliest thread I have ever seen. Brink has no chance to win in CGY. Cgy has TATE now at QB who is a future hall of famer in the CFL.

Lost by 6 and they had a chance to win it! They had a “CHANCE” so your wrong again! Tate was average and If not for a fumble and blocked punt ,Tate doesnt win the game.

…Mr. Brink acquitted himself quite well once he got rolling…Bombers sure didn’t mail it in like another so-called ‘power team’ in the east…I’m really liking the duo of Buck and Brink the rest of the way :thup: