If Braley is serious about the CFL & Argos in Toronto

should he start talking about a CFL Stadium in Toronto? :?

Next year is the Big Grey Cup party in Toronto; so thus bring in Roger Waters (half time show) to smash The Wall down. :rockin: Just a thought....ect.

I'd like to see the BNL for a Toronto half time show.

Arcade Fire but me thinks they are a tad too "big" for Toronto to get or any Grey Cup regardless of venue. And by "big" I don't mean a group with the "ability" to fill a 25 or 50,000 seat arena or stadium as "bigness".

For the Hamilton game last night, the place did have some atmosphere...

You know... it was cold and windy that night...

He should, but I don't think he's interested.
I think ultimately whoever succeeds Braley as owner, will have to look for a new home.
I don't think the argos can be successful playing at skydome.
A new stadium will be good for perception, atmosphere and most importantly revenue due to increased streams (parking/concessions). Considering the argos have a bush league practice facility, they should just build a new stadium to house the teams operations too. Easier said than done, I know..

A new Stadium in T.O is just not a possibility at the moment or near future.

They have to make do (as they have since 1989) with the RC as there are no other options available.
The Argos have had a few seasons of over 35,000 average in the dome (early nineties) and had 31,000 average as recently as 2007.

Yes, the structure of the facility is not ideal, although a decent product on the field + creative marketing = decent crowds regardless and should suffice the average fickle discerning T.O. patron.

We also need to face the fact that braley isnt a young pup by any stretch of the imaginiation. He wont be around forever.

Step 1 has to be the on-field product. Even if the Argos lose a lot of games, if they were losing them by being outscored 40-30 at least it'd be entertaining. This team is BORING! Selling a boring team is a lot harder then selling an exciting one.

Step 2 is their idea to engage the business community, I like that. It'll take time to pay off, but there's certainly room for improvement.

The stadium thing is something you leap on if an opportunity presents itself. I don't see how they could realistically build a stadium right now.

The thing is, in the C&S ownership days, I don't think it's any secret that they were papering the house with discounted (free?) tickets. But the perception was they were doing well because the building looked fuller.

Apparently Braley wants to report truer numbers and looks to have either eliminated or greatly reduced subsidized tickets. However, the flip side is it looks horrible on TV, local fans see it as such, and are disinclined to want to be a part of it. It's like if you pass by a somewhat dark and dingy restaurant that has lots of tables with and a few patrons sparsely filling the seats, you're going to take one look and keep on walking....yet you pass by the small restaurant that's loud and full and you're going to want to be a part of it. It's called ambience.

Not a good team and not an exciting stadium to be in just isn’t a good recipe all around, that stadium can feel like a tomb when the numbers are low when the roof is closed especially and just not exciting.

A smaller football friendly stadium is a good long term solution for fans. The short term solution is to improve the product. The Argos are just god awful to watch. Cleo Lemon wasn't terrible, but he just wasn't exciting to watch. It's like how Damon Allen never sold any tickets even though he's a hall of fame QB. I really hope Steven Jyles can create some excitement for the team next season with a full training camp under his belt.

Yeah, although that may have had something to do with the fact half the stadium was in black and gold chanting oski wee wee and Argos Suck. Although, there always is something to be said for a rivalry adding to both the experience and the bottom line.