If "better is better" then "worse is worse"

Rick Campbell and Jeff Reinebold were both hired AFTER Cortez hired Casey Creehan. Plus Greg Marshall was available.

I'm surprised that Barker is not returning but he would bring the same problems as Obilovich. The standard in this league are Jim Popp and Buono. The Ticats have an opprotunity with a year away and a new stadium to put in a young talented staff in the football operations. I think Brock Sunderland would be my guy as a new GM.

  1. Rick Campbell did not have a great reputation prior to this season. His defenses, before 2012, had never been anything better than mediocre.

  2. And Reinebold hasn't exactly done a stellar job in Montreal. We're near the bottom of the league in most defensive categories. Furthermore, Reinebold got the job interview by chance more than anything else: he ran into Scott Milanovich and Jonathan Himebauch at some football event in the U.S. and they mentioned Montreal was looking for a DC.

Plus Greg Marshall was available.
No, not necessarily. He was and is still being paid HC money from his SSK contract. No guarantee he would have wanted to forsake that to jump back into the league as a DC.

Everybody keeps telling me how great our offense was this season, and that had we been even mediocre on defense we would have easily been in the playoffs. Campbell still managed to win a Grey Cup as a DC.

Marshall interviewed for the DC job in Calgary, so that tells me he was willing to come back into the league at that position.

The whole idea that Creehan was the best available man for the job is ridiculous. Arguing over who may or may not have been available or interested is pointless. Hell this is the CFL, Barker managed to rip off the Stampeders of their DC who was under contract !

Do coaches make good teams or do good teams make coaches look good.

A good coach needs to recognize the talent he has and to dress the right players. Those players he dresses should be motivated and lay it on the line each and every game.

Too many of the Cats took games off throughout the season. Some players tanked it often. The QB was inconsistent and is on the downslope of his career often throwing into triple coverage or running around the the ball handing loose. Dumb plays and idiotic penalties occurred with regularity. Each and every game regardless of the score the players seemed like they were having fun.