If B.C. loses to Hamilton - Heads will roll


B.C. should beat Hamilton by 60 points at home this weekend. If Hamilton beats the Lions heads should roll in Vancouver. Start with Jacques Chapdelaine :rockin: :lol: :lol: :lol: :rockin: - offensive co-ordinator. The offence was disgraceful in Saskatchewan and had better be good at BC Place. Chapdelaine had Ricky Ray, arguably the best QB in the league, and floundered there too. Wally's decision in releasing Claremont is looking dumb right now. Are the Lions in serious trouble????????????????????????
We will find out this weekend. Poor Hamilton- has to travel four time zones after getting trounced to play a superior team on the road. OUch! Lions by at least 50 or time to see a shrink BC Lions fans!

:lol: :wink: :rockin:

The Riders laid out the roadmap of how to lay a hurting on BC. We'll see if Hamilton can follow directions, and if BC can make adjustments. BC can expect more of the same Sask-inspired blitz-heavy defence from Hamilton. Maybe Wally will find a RB who can catch a screen pass and find a way to win -- although he couldn't seem to find that page of the playbook on Friday. Maybe Tyler Ebell will bring it as his homework assignment.

I don't see any chance of the Cats winning in BC.

BC didn't play that bad against SSK. They still put up 24 points inspite of 7 turnovers.

As long as BC doesn't turn the ball over more than 2 or 3 times, it will be at least a 20 point win.

I think there's a chance, I'm not saying it'll happen, but BC has weakened substantially this year and Hamilton has gotten stronger, even this week with the signing of standout LB Jamall Johnson and without Ian Smart to put the Lions in great field position, this may fall into Hamilton's favor. At least I hope it does :smiley:

Don't get me wrong, I hope it works out for Hamilton as well but I just don't see the Cats putting up much of a fight. With all of the changes with the roster this week (new starters) and a rookie running back, I don't think this will add up to a win for the good guys. I hope I am wrong though.

I am going on the limb to say how the Cats actually may surprise us all and they have a chance in the lions den.
The Eastern teams have been horrible in Vancouver over the years, so here come the Cats after a bad opening game and well maybe the Lions take them lightly.

Look what happened when Montreal took us lightly. 400+ passing yards, 5 TD passes, etc,44-38 final score for Hamilton. Course next week they creamed us :wink:

Turkey, you are such a humanitarian but please save some of your generous concerns regarding the fortunes of the BC Lions for your Riders who sorely merit it after their performance on Friday night.
Here you have the Riders playing the Lions at home in front of a strategically noisy stadium on a night when even McCallum can’t field a snap that hits him right in the hands and what do they do? They turn over the ball roughly the same number of times and then they allow Grice-Mullen to get wide open behind everyone for a routine high school catch when everyone in the ball park knew that the Lions had to go long. If that pass was thrown to any other receiver in the league, the Riders start the season 0-1. Fortunately, the pass went to Mullen who proved last year that he can make spectacular catches and drops in roughly equal proportions.

Having said that, both teams will be just fine this year as the turnover of new players begin to work their way into the system. In my opinion, the west is up for grabs just as it was last year.

As for Jason Clermont (I was a slot in my playing days, so I have a tendency to focus on that position), he is one of the players I have enjoyed watching the most over the past few years, but the moment has arrived for a younger, faster, Paris Jackson. I think over time Wally’s decision will prove to be the right one.

I think the game will be closer than most think, but I think BC will win a close one. BC is quite good at forcing turnovers, if the Ticats can play a smart road game with no turnovers it will be close, but I still think the Lions are better overall, and they are at home.

…the time-zone effect alone will be tough for the ticats to overcome…

Something should be done about the schedule: as far back as I can remember, every time the Ticats have played in Vancouver, they're still on the field at 1:30 to 2:00 in the morning.
Teams should move their practices up a couple of hours on weeks when they're going to BC to at least partially counter the effect of the time zone difference; but there should also be the occasional afternoon game when eastern teams play in BC. It's not really fair that one team has such a definite advantage on such a consistent basis.

Toronto and Montreal do it in reverse....starting games at 11:00AM SK time.

The Lions don't play afternoon games, not even when they go east, where they schedule games to start at 10:00 am? Just try having breakfast then playing a 3 hour pro-football game! Couldn't they schedule an evening game, even once? Easterners have little to complain about with our 7:00 pm starts.

What the Lions often do is travel east a day earlier to allow the players to become accustomed to the time zone difference and jet lag, maybe that's why the Lions have 13 wins in 16 road games in the east over the past 4 seasons! :rockin:

I'm predicting a close game and if each team plays like they did last week, we will likely lose.
However, should the Lions decide to play like professionals, we should win.
But hey, this is the CFL, ANYTHING can happen!

Stop whinning about this , what about when west teams play out east we have to adjust as well .

Turkey, I 100% agree! I've never been a Chapdelaine fan. He must have peictures of Wally or something. Never understood why Buono hired him back.

Big Dave.... afternoon games at BC Place do not draw well. Back in the Nineties, they did one season with about 6 afternoon games. The attendance plummeted! Only wives and Girl friends attended those games. They never went back to afternoons after that disasterous exeperiment.

....if there is one thing about my buddy from the Hammer it is that he DOES NOT WHINE....it's a valid point and one deserving of debate...usually west teams will fly out the day or two before and it is a fact that playing earlier in the day is far easier than playing later...

So.....what's stopping the Tabbies from heading out a day earlier?

This is not an excuse this year.

The last 2 years, the Cats have had to go to BC on a short week. This year, they were given a week and a half to get out there. If they left it to the last minute, this is their fault.