If Argo 91 had money.. Could he be sued?

...but that is what one does when they bail a team out and prevent it from dying, basic support...without Braley there wouldn't be an argonaut team as there was no one interested in stepping in to administer CPR to a dying franchise...and there still isn't...he agreed to step in a prevent a team from folding, not to promote the ever-loving mustard out of it...this is a pretty fundamental point that seems to be lost on you

1991argo wrote: But my main issue is that David Braley has not contributed nothing to the CFL
if you call saving the CFL from extinction "nothing".... :roll:

and on a much more important note, that is wonderful news TravelPatB! :thup:

This team was not going to fold the cfl would have stepped in or I am sure a rich American would have come to this team aid. And even if none of that was to happen wouldn't it not have been better just to fold the franchise for a few years and bring it back to life as soon as you find the right owner to run this team the proper way. Look at the Ottawa situation for years they had ownership which never ran the team the proper way and now they have Jeff hunt a great owner who is going to have huge success in Ottawa for years to come.

...revisionist history does not make your argument correct...the argos were dying, folding and the cfl had no money to step in and bail them out....there were no rich americans beating down the door either....period

...disagree with this as well....and here's why: if a rich american owner was not available the first time why oh why would there be any interest in resurrecting frankenstein years later in a market that barely cared when the team was alive in the first place...Jeff Hunt is an icon in Ottawa, he is based in Ottawa, he loves Ottawa, there is no one in TO that can compare to Hunt, which is why your team has a caretaker for an owner...

As Red&White said, if there was an option the CFL would have taken it rather than have two teams owned by one man. At a time the CFL was working with TSN to build a brand, having a timeshare owner looked bad, but it would have looked even worse having the team run by the league. Folding the team would have been a disaster, given the Argos are the face of the league in the corporate (= advertising $$$) centre of Canada.

But more importantly, why continue this crusade that borders on obsession. You have not convinced, and I am confident in saying will not convince, anyone to share your views. The rest of us all have to accept that there is no point in debating with you as there is nothing that can be said to alter your opinion, nor anything Braley could do that you would not spin negatively (except perhaps sell the Argos to a reincarnated, billionaire Mother Theresa and donate the sale proceeds to a new stadium fund).

If you cannot let go of this campaign to rain down criticism of Mr. Braley et al then I fear my reference to "borders on obsession" my have been generous, and I would suggest you seek professional help. I had an aunt who committed suicide because of her obsession and paranoia; it is a terrible way to live, and waste, a life.

Most Argo fans I'm sure are frustrated that no one locally stepped up to purchase the franchise but with Rogers and MLSE around, it's a lonely place after that for anyone to give it a shot. Even locals in Cynamon and Sokolowski couldn't do it unfortunately and couldn't find a place to be comfortable between the two giants of MLSE and Rogers, they had to bail and had to ask the CFL for equalization money which is strange being in Canada's largest city and where most of the head corporations are. Braley is simply a stop gap measure to give the franchise time, hopefully, to find an owner that can make it work. I'm starting to have doubts though about the long term viability of the Argos to be honest. Hopefully they can find a stadium solution for the team.

nope!!!! Its a fact. http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/david-chri ... 13139.html

Glad you have finally, after so many months of tireless/tiresome Braley-bashing, done a complete about-face on this issue.

I am so glad after months on end Paul that you still can't name one good thing this man has done or contributed to the cfl in any way!

Can't name one good thing he's done or contributed to the CFL?

Saving the Hamilton Tiger-Cats from folding when no one else was willing to step up and buy the team isn't a good thing?

Saving the Toronto Argonauts from folding when no one else was willing to step up and buy the team isn't a good thing?

Curious to know, 1991argo, what colour is the sky, in your world?

No....Its a fact that Canadians pay more for cell phones

Its your opinion that Rogers is gouging thier customers

I'm not in the habit of defending companies like Bell and Rogers when it comes to most things - and maybe the rates are too high and their customer service poor at times etc. But when you have the second biggest country in the world with a population of just 35 million people and telecommunication companies have to build infrastructure that covers a big chunk of that huge land mass paid for by a relatively small number of subscribers in comparison to over 300 million Americans paying for theirs - then I would expect Canadian rates to be higher. That actually makes sense to me.

Along with that I really don’t like how rail service has been cut back in this country as it has over the last decade or so but running trains with few people in them to remote communities on a very regular basis was costing too much money and that I get, as much as it is sad as I feel rail service should be a top priority in Canada, just part of being Canadian. But as Travel says, too few people spread out over a huge land mass.

Why is this thread still going? I have no idea... It really has nothing to do with the CFL and singles out a fellow poster in an attempt to ridicule.

Well that poster has done far more than simple ridicule with his constant defamation towards David Braley and Chris Rudge IMHO albeit not in a legal sense as I don't know how that is defined, but in my and many other posters crude definition of defamation, this poster has crossed the etiquette line and basically brought it onto himself. Sure, get rid of the thread, I don't care but it is what it is. To suggest that David Braley basically stole money from the 100th Grey Cup and pocketed money in an illegal sense, which is what has been somewhat suggested by said poster, well, what can I say.

True. However, we don't have to lower ourselves to that level. Simply point out/ prove where they are wrong and move on. And if the parties that be feel they have been injured they will take action for themselves.


Do they have higher rates tan most places...yup.
Does this automatically equate to gouging? Not necessarily.

  • What are service rates...highest in the world
  • what is the population density per square KM...I am assuming on the vastly lower end.
  • What are immediate peers charging who actually maintain Canadian infrastructure charging...basically the same

Are you agreeing with me or not?

HIgher rates than most? No! Im with rogers because I have the best rate with them...
HIghest rates in the world? Maybe but that is meaningless.... because as you pointed out..low end users....less customers to cover expensis
What are those who cover the infrastructure charging....as I pointed out....more I have the best rate with rogers...ANd I have better coverage....many times I have had a signal when friends with other companies have not and I cant think of a time when it was the opposite...and dont think that Rogers gets to use that infrastructure for free

Gouging is an opinion not a fact and in my opinion Rodgers is not gouging

yes, I was agreeing with you...was playing on your opinion vs fact comment