If Argo 91 had money.. Could he be sued?

Leagal experts out there... If Argo 91 had any money would Braley/Rudge be able to get money out of him... By saying facts you can not bhe sued when trashing someone... Like if I said that Rogers communications gouges Canadians on their cable bills, I can not be sued because that is a fact... Now if I were to say that Ed Rogers wife was a whore, then tecnically I could be sued for defamation. For the record, as much as I hate the entire Rogers family, I do not believe that Ed Rogers wife has ever actually sold her assets...lol Anyways.. Argo 91 has leveled some pretty heady accusations on here... He has basicly said that Chris Rudge commits fraud everyday by not actually showing up at work. He has also said that David Braley never shows up at the Crapdome. Now if Either one of these guys was as pety as Brian Burke (who actually sued online posters for stating that he had a sexual relationship with Hazel Maye) then they might have a case against Argo 91... The mods won't get him off of these forums... Maybe a lawyer can :cowboy: :cowboy:

I don't think they could sue him as 91 could claim insanity - and if he had the case moved to Hamilton everybody here would agree with him. Anybody who is an Argos fan is insane. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not to mention the PR disaster of suing a handicapped child who lives in his parents basement....lol

Talk about kettle and pot calling black.
Bungle is the most likely to be sued. What a joke. Racist, sexist and pointless. Useless.

I just want to know who is "Ed Rogers"?

I'm guessing by Ed they mean 44 year old Edward Rogers III - the controlling shareholder at Rogers these days.

by TravelPatB » Sun Apr 20, 2014 1:53 pm

I don't think they could sue him as 91 could claim insanity - and if he had the case moved to Hamilton everybody here would agree with him. Anybody who is an Argos fan is insane.

As a long time Argo fan from Whitby I feel slandered. :cry:

No kidding. Makes me wonder what time of the morning he cracks open his first of the day ...

Just doing what I can to fire up Argos supporters DoubleBlue. Nothing like generating a little (good natured) hate of a rival to add some passion and sizzle to a team's fan base. And observing from Hamilton now after 25 years in Toronto - the Double Blue (the team - not you) sure could use some more passion from their hundreds of thousands of fans who apparently only ever watch the team from home all the time. Maybe make them mad enough to buy tickets. Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help. Oskee Wee Wee! :stuck_out_tongue:

He does say enough to get sued, he slanders the Argonauts CEO and Owner of things there is no evidence or proof of. The other side if the CFL.ca site was professional, they would have moderators that would take care of this problem by deleting accounts that violated these terms and conditions. They don't seem to have any modrators anymore, at least since 2009, so I guess its fair game to say whatever you want and get away with it.

And all this time I thought it was the guy from Mr.Bungle's favourite TV show,rumour has it that the "Bungle Boy" never misses an episode :lol: :stuck_out_tongue:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4nI7AgUKwk ssssssssh,everybody be quiet,Mr.Bungle's show is starting!!! :D :P

...FYI neither of these statements are true

With any accusation you have to consider the source and whether or not a rational person would take the accusations seriously. For this reason I don't think they'd have much of a case.

Does beg the question however as to why he and bungle are permitted to spew their vile bile all over this site?

I think the more appropriate question to be asked here can Braley be sued for making false accusations about building a new stadium for the Argo fans that have supported this team for years? And misleading them into buying tickets in thinking this cheapskate would go out and build a new stadium when he couldn't even bothered to throw one dollar into a practice facility. This after the fact he pocketed more then $10 million of taxpayers dollars from the grey cup. Shouldn't more be done with the investigation into his corrupt dealings with getting all that taxpayers money for holding this event?

That is an opinion not a fact

Well regardless if David Braley spent as much on the Argos as 91 would like. I for one am absolutely thrilled over the generous contributions he has made to healthcare facilities in Hamilton. I'm delighted to report that just 12 days after her colon cancer surgery at the cutting edge (pun intended) David Braley & Nancy Gordon Surgical Wing of St. Joseph's Hospital here in Hamilton my 83 year old Mom is now back home with me resting comfortably looking and feeling great.

Thank you to all who played a role from surgeons, to other doctors to nurses and of course as it relates to this form to David Braley.

That it fantastic news T-Pat :thup: :smiley: So happy to hear that your mom is doing great,all the best to her in her recovery.
The sad news is that Argo91 with his one track mind will probably spin doctor it to be.....If Braley spent more money on the Argos instead of health care and cancer research,he wouldn't be such a cheapskate :roll: It makes me shake my head and roll my eyes :roll: at Argo91,here's a guy who talks about how others are cheap,then posts about how he supports the team by paying a scalper $10.00 for a $75.00 ticket for a game :thdn: The guy has got no credibility whatsoever,absolutely pathetic.The world needs more men like David Braley and less like Argo91,who rumour has it that when he squeezes a nickel the beaver bites the queen's arse :stuck_out_tongue:

Happy to hear of such positive news as well Travel with your family. It's unfortunate that we need people to contribute towards health care to get top notch facilities and equipment but if it weren't for the people well heeled contributing millions after millions, we wouldn't have these facilities and equipment in many cases. Our life isn't all the long on this planet Earth and quality of life is something that is important to all of us, the world is tough enough and with enough pain and suffering as it is.

That's good to hear travel I wish your mom and all patients like that have a good and healthy recovery from whatever surgery they have done. But my main issue is that David Braley has not contributed nothing to the CFL besides helping out paying some basic funds to keep the team going. It is night and day if you compare going to an Argo game in the c&s to the Braley days. I am not sure at all with what David Braley has contributed outside the cfl I hear some people saying he does this stuff for tax breaks and returns or he might do this stuff to help out the community that he lives in which I am happy for. I don't like to get involved with stuff outside of the cfl with this man because then we start debating on what happened with his senate seat on how he ripped of people or tax payers or as some have mentioned with him being disgusted with the scandals that have been taking place. Whatever is the reason it doesn't matter this is a cfl thread so let's all try to keep the focus on that and leave that other stuff on the off topic discussion.