if anyone from the riders is reading this...

...what is up with charging 10$ to get into riderville at the grey cup? i always thought that was kinda lame. edmonton doesn't charge to enter 'the spirit of edmonton' and calgary gives free pancakes to everyone that wants them. hmm. maybe you could give free entry to 'owners.' after all maybe getting something more besides a discount at the rider store for your 250$ share would be nice.

anywho, just me observing and complaining.

dont get me long im greeen thru n thru, but man this team is all about the cash grab

With Riderville being popular, they know they can charge because people want to be there. Other places....probably not as popular, therefore need a drawing card to get people in. Also, wonder what Riderville must pay to have the space at Grey Cup? They probably need one of the bigger convention centres, one would think?

I still think it's a lame excuse, I doubt they charge more than Tigertown or any of the other events.

Maybe they are doing this. Getting the money to pay the salary cap fine. :lol: Riders had to go over a lot with all of there injuries. Anybody know how much they are going over the salary cap?

well the 'spirit of edmonton' is just as popular and it is free and the drinks are 2$ cheaper and if you have been to a grey cup all the team rooms are the same (cover band, cheerleader performances, merch stand) so i don't get why the riders charge and the esks don't. i guess you gotta pay to hang with the 'cool kids' :smiley:

anywho, i still think that 'owners' should get in free.

on a side note, there is no grey cup parade and no schooners party. weird.

Hey pabst are you sure you are going into the rider's part room. In winnipeg, they had their free riderville room which was usual stuff politician getting up and spewing garbage and then they had the other room on the saturday which was the big party room. Both were at the convention centre in Winnipeg...

yes i was in riderville.

Maybe it's just you. They never charge me.....

i guess it because you are famous.


The $10 entrance fee was to pay for the venue. The teams were not getting a dime from alcohol sales. The difference between Spirit of edmonton and Riderville/tigertown is that Spirit of edmonton was making the money off the Booze, the others were not.

I'm just guessing here but I bet that the Windsor was not a very cheap venue.

Riderville was a blast again this year. I love Grey Cup