If anybody thinks the NFL is more entertaining....

Watch the Monday night Cowboy vs Redskins snorefest! This is worse than brutal! God, I can't wait til the CFL is back!!!

It sure did sound like a complete snooze fest - UNTIL - I started watching with about 4 minutes left - and then - Wow! What a crazy and wildly entertaining finish.

Tied 9-9 with Dallas punting from about their own 45 with less than two minutes to go. Washington hoping for a big return move their electrifying wide receiver DeSean Jackson back to return a punt. He's gets the crowd amped up on their feet roaring when they see he is back there. (He doesn't usually return punts). He catches heads to the right - gets outside his 20 - things are plugged up, he reverses field at one point all the way back inside his own 5 yard line gets out across the 10 gets hammered and fumbles. Dallas ball at the Washington 10 with 1:30 to go.

Dallas score a touchdown with just over a minute to go to go up by 7. Washington get a great kickoff return to about their own 45. Add a facemask penalty and then two plays later a bomb into the endzone to guess who - the same DeSean Jackson - Touchdown! Tie game. Redemption as the play-by-play guy said.

But then Dallas return the next kick-off out past their 40. Two plays later they are at the Washington 37 and with 9 seconds left a 54 yard field goal to win it for Dallas. Two touchdowns and a field goal in the last 80 seconds of the game. Crazy stuff especially considering the snorefest the rest of the game apparently was. I certainly lucked out flipping to the game when I did.

The NFL East really is bad this year. Three teams at 5 - 7 now and the Cowboys incredibly still in it at 4 - 8. Sort of reminds me of the CFL East last season. The division winner may very well only be at or even below 500 at season's end.

Sorry, I fell asleep in the third quarter. On the upside , it cured my insomnia!

Maybe I'm wrong (again) but I thought the NFL was talking about getting rid of kickoffs. Sounds like that would have preserved the integrity of this particular game right to the finish.

Are NFL balls easier to catch than CFL balls? Or is there no difference?

I was having a debate with someone and he argued he had never seen such low talent before, dropping balls, etc.

Of course he was talking about Lions games as he will also watch when the home team is playing, but I was thinking after I should have retorted (for fun) that he's only thinking that because NFL balls are deflated and easier to catch.

I don't think so. The NFL QBs throw a heck of a lot harder than the CFL guys. I'm pretty sure they are the same size and have been that way for a few seasons now.

They are the same size, and have been for a pretty long time. Even when they were different it was not much...the average person would not be able to tell by grabbing it, and most players could not...QBs generally could because of their mechanisms but got over the mominal difference fast.

Sure...it was a bad game, but the last quarter was fantastic.
That week as a whole had some superb games. Jaguars and Titans was pretty entertaining, so was Jets/Giants. The Panthers/Saints game was sensational, and the Eagles toppling the Pats...c'mon. You can cherry pick one sub-par game, but there was some great ball that weekend as well.

Redskins :thup: up 24-7 over Dallas coming up to the half, Steelers looking to claim the 6th seed in AFC are up 14-6 over Cleveland - NY Jets are slipping behind in Buffalo down 16-7 at the half.

Footballs have very little difference.

Short Circumference;

CFL Football - 20 7/8 to 21 1/8 inches
NFL Football - 21 to 21 1/4 inches

Watched the Vikes (my team) and Packers tonight. A good game but man is the NFL slow or what, sometimes in can be tedious to watch an NFL game. Anyways, Vikings got a bit lucky playing conservative for much of the 2nd half to pull out a win and win the division.

sometimes it can be tedious to watch a CFL game.

The Denver game as well as a few others this week was great.

True enough FYB, all sports for that matter can be tedious to watch unless you're really, really into the game and teams and sport and even then it can be difficult regardless if masses of people are all super excited. For myself I really only get into the CFL but that's just me but all sports and leagues can be entertaining.

I have seen many NFL games where balls are dropped, QB's over throwing or under throwing. Missed tackles and such, but if happens in the CFL they are call brutal. Chad Owens said one smart thing in Montreal, and that is allot of cflers could play in the NFL ,but the difference is the NFL get the elite players.