If Allen Goes Down?

While I agree with Third that no team would put a bounty on another player's head, I would suggest that putting either QB out of the game will be on the minds of players on both defenses. I'm not saying that they're gonna go out and try and end someone's career, but every time one of those two QBs gets hit, I guarantee there will be a little extra oomph behind it. Because both teams are aware that if you can knock the starter out of the game, the chances of winning go way up. Take last year's East Final as an example. I guarantee you the Argos (the D-Line at least) discussed taking Calvillo out of the game. That's one of the jobs of a D-Lineman, to hit the QB as hard as possible, as often as possible (Within the rules), unitl he doesn't come back out there. So when Brown (I believe it was Brown) drove Calvillo into the turf (Which might I add is illegal), you can bet that putting Calvillo out of the game was right there in the front of his mind. And I don't blame him. It's his job. And I bet we see more of the same this week from both teams. Any chance they get to hit the QB, they are going to try and take advantage. It's all part of the game.

..Third, you're so polite......I thought you'd answer this post "what if Allen goes down?!?! pffft, that's a given, we should be asking if he swallows?"....

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But it was probably worth it.

oh redandwhite...................that was soooooooo wrong on so many different levels..................................LMAO

I hate to disagree with you naysayers, but I distinctly remember a member of the Alouettes twisting somebodys leg last year. Was it Allen’s? In the playoff’s? It was caught on tv and it was pretty obvious. Maybe there’s no ‘bounty’, but Montreal’s d-line will have there orders - injure Allen! As for starting the rumour, no, I read it in Ottawa’s verion of the Metro newszine. I can’t find it online, but it wouldn’t surprise me. Don’t be naive. This is the Don!! This is football!!!

you read too much into things

Okay, gang, I have the clincher on this ‘story’. There is no way the Als have a bounty on Allen…it was reported by none other than Marty York in his “York Report” on MetroNews:

[url=http://www.metronews.ca/column_york_report.asp?id=12205&cid=10223]http://www.metronews.ca/column_york_rep ... &cid=10223[/url]

Now, anyone here care to comment again on the accuracy of dear Mr. York?

great, there go any hopes of the Al's pulling off an upset now.


yes, if you are a girl.TANYA! :lol: :smiley:

RedandWhite, Allen may goes down, but we now know High_Five is the one that swallows anything.

The Don loves Damon Allen as much as he loves Calvillo. If you think he would offer anything for an injury, then it's up to you to deal with your tormented thoughts.

The part that I like about that article was York's "resume":

Marty York is one of Canada's most popular sports columnists with a track record for breaking big stories.
LOL, yeah right....

I didn't say I 'belived it', just said is was a rumour. But how about monetary incentives for QB sacks? That's in the realm of possibility. For Allen's sake, I hope he doesn't go down on third and ten. That could be really messy!!!

HT, it was tOnya harding that had Nancy Kerrigan's knee taken out, not tAnya harding.

Monetary incentives for sacks is something doable, but its not game-based. These are bonuses written in players contracts. Like "If you get 10 sacks, you get a bonus of 10 000$, if you get 15, the bonus doubles." But it's not "Sack Damon Allen in that given game and you'll get some cash based on the severity of damages inflicted."

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it was a joke. :wink: :smiley: but thanks :lol:

Lets get a couple of things straight here.......first of all, every Montreal fan here knows I'm no Matthews fan. Having said that, I refuse to believe Don would put a contract out on any player, let alone Allen. Matthews ego is big enough that he wants to win legit. Plus, in all his years in the league, I don't believe he's ever done such a disgusting thing.
Secondly, it was England, not Brown, that laid the injury hit on Calvillo last year. It was a clean sack, not a dirty hit. No penalty on the play.
Third, any talk among the Argo bench about putting out Calvillo would probably have been related to the chance Philion would have tried it with Allen, which he did try and got away with in 03. Philion also tried it last year, only that time it didn't work.
Rumours like this shouldn't be circulated......fans of both teams should be pumped up enough without them.
Good luck on Sunday, Als.

Sorry, Argofan4life, I forgot that our refs are so perfect that if they don't call a penalty there wasn't any foul... Seriously, is that really gonna be your answer??? The refs didn't call it so there was no penalty??? Come on. The hit on Calvillo was not clean. (I'm not complaining about it, it just really gets old hearing people complain about Philion and then act like he's the only one in the league who does that kind of stuff.) A few years ago, in the interest of protecting the QBs, they added to the list of things you are not allowed to do to them. The most common one we see called from that list is the blow to the head. It's called just about once a game. Another one added at that time is that you're not allowed to dive into a QBs legs. And one that we don't see called as often is that you aren't allowed to drive the QB into the ground. Now, I realize that often in making a tackle you are going to go down with the player, often on top of him. But if you are around football enough, you can tell the difference when someone is falling on top of someone in the process of making a tackle, and when they're driving them into the ground. And England drove Calvillo into the ground. He shifted his weight and his body position to ensure maximum impact on top of Calvillo's body.

Now, before you ask just where this is detailed in the rule book, unfortunately, they cover all the new rules to protect the QB with one general phrase, which is "Contacting the passer in an unnecessarily rough manner". The reason for that is because if they were to detail each and every thing you can't do, before long someone would find something that isn't exactly on the list and try that. By leaving it open to interpretation, the ref can judge whether or not the roughness was necessary. A good idea, but it makes it tough to prove what I'm saying. So, you're just going to have to trust me on this one. I will enlighten you why I'm aware of this. I am a football coach (was actually, had to take this year off because my work schedule changed and conflicted with coaching), and every year before the beginning of the season, the league would send refs to every team to explain any new rules and answer questions. So the year this was adopted, we had it explained and demonstrated to us by refs.

Now, that aside, are you actually naïve enough to believe that D linemen don't try and injure the QB when they hit him. Yes that's right, even your saintly Argo linemen do it. It's part of the job description. No bounty necessary. Just put the QB out. Like I said, they're not going for serious, career ending injuries, just the kind that don't let a QB finish the game. All of them. On all teams, in all games. It has nothing to do with bounties or cheap play. Their job is to play within the rules (and sometimes a little bit outside them) and hit the QB. I don't think you'd find a D lineman that would deny it. And there's nothing scandalous about it, it's just part of football.

And trust me, both benches in this game are well aware how much their chances go up if the other teams starting QB goes down. You don't think England got some pats on the back and high fives for putting Calvillo out? You think he went to the sideline and said, gee, I wish I hadn't hit him like that so he could still be in the game? No chance. I guarantee you he was one of the heros of the game in that Argo locker room. And there's nothing wrong with that. It's part of the game.

Third_And_Ten, you crack me up!!! Fair enough, thumbs down to Marty York rumours. But since when do all monetary exchanges have to be written down in contracts? Its my understanding that the mythical salary cap in this league is often exceeded with off the book rincentives like free rents and free leased cars. And trust me, this little thread isn't going to do much to pump the players up. They be pumped already!!!!!

High Five, let the bounty thing go. There won't be a bounty. You actually think the Defenses need the promise of extra money to get to the QB. Every chance they get to hit them it'll be at 100 miles an hour. For free!