If Allen Goes Down?

Montreal has their eye on taking Damon Allen out of the game this Sunday.
Rumour has it that the there is even a cash incentive involved.

I don't have a lot of faith in Bishop's passing, but here sure can run, as demonstrated by his AFL numbers. The Argos have to be prepared for this and design a 'Bishop's on the Run' scheme. Otherwise, the Argos will sink to the bottom of Lake Ontario!

Well , that is a cheap way to win [if there is CASH involved] , but part of football , I guess.

ALLEN , is a huge part of the ARGOS , but we have won before , with out him.

ALLEN , is not all of the ARGOS , because they still have the DEFENCE. BISHOP , is not even close to ALLEN , so it will not be good for the ARGOS , if ALLEN , goes down.

A.C. , could go down , as well.

BOTH teams have to hope that both of their starting Q.B.s stay healthy.

PLUS , winning with their best players on BOTH SIDES , makes for a better game.

I wonder how much Mattews is putting on Allen's head? $5000? $10,000?

As if any team would allow this information to go public. I don't believe a word of it.

I think people are reading too much into what I said earler in another topic, which was a joke.

High Five is just trying to start up that rumour. This is pure bullshit. No professionnal player wants to intentionally injure a player. All of them knows how hard it is already to play that game. They all know what goes around comes around. No one would want to be involved in that.

And can you imagine how an organization would look like if it was made public they offered such a bounty? Consequences would have to be terrible.

And how about the players? Imagine this. Lets say the Alouettes' head office people were crazy enough to offer a bounty to injure Allen. Players don't buy into it. But then, in the course of the game, Allen does get injured. How do you think the player responsible for that would be seen in the league. Personata non-grata. Broken chemistry with his own teammates. And no more contracts afterward. No one wants a player who plays to kill. No GM would want to be hiring "the assassin", because it would look like they intend to use him that way.

There may be some players dirty enough to give it a try. But even them wouldn't say out loud they deliberately tried to injure someone.

High Five, shame on you for trying to discredit an organization in such a way. You are not worthy to speak in red.

I totally agree with 3nd, but 3nd, you should sensor your swearing.

Say it, but star it out as I used to.

Hmmm… I thought the word “bullshit” would be censored automatically by the site. Strange… Maybe the site let me use the word because it agreed that was the right word to call High_Five’s “rumour”. :wink:

Yeah, but then people will conpain and before you know it, you will be warned that the next time you do it you'll be asked to leave.

Star it mate, trust me, you don't wanna go though that.

I don't believe this at all. And if Allen does get injured Calvillo will have to watch his back because the Argos (O'Shea in particular) will be after vengeance. And personally I'd take Bishop over White any day.

Last year, when Calvillo was down, I was screaming "Send in Copeland! He's our only chance."

I knew they would not do that, but in all honesty, Jeremaine was way better at QB than both White and Bolden.

This is just a rumor.
People may not like Mathews.However he is not that type of coach.
Give it a rest.This will be a great game.If Montreal wins,then they deserve to be at the Grey Cup.
I don’t have a problem with that.
Montreal made me happy last week.
Once again thank you Montreal.Good luck on Sunday!!!

I'd be surprised if Matthews would do anything so dirty. He's sneaky...he's crafty...sometimes he pushes the envelope of the rules a little...but to put a bounty on a guy? Not likely.

As much as the Argos would be in trouble if Allen went down, the Alouettes would be in way deeper if Calvillo got hurt. Ted White may be able to get two or three in a short-yardage situation, but there's no way he can carry that team to the Grey Cup.

If either goes down, that team's fans will be using that as an excuse until next November. So let's hope they both stay healthy, and the better team wins, so there can be no "But if our starting QB hadn't been injured, ..." That gets mighty old mighty fast.

BigDave, I'd like to make a point here. Sending Ted White on the field would not be an EXCUSE for losing. It would be a REASON. I thought that needed to be clarified.

Have I ever made an excuse after a Argos loss?
If Allen gets hurt.Thems the breaks.

The question is, if I fly down to Toronto and whack Allen in the knee with a metal pipe before the game so he can't play, will the Alouettes pay me $10 000?

gonna take more than that to take Allen down.

I acturally quite fancy Tanya

Come to think of it.All this year there has only been fans from one team that made excuses.Not all their fans.However I can't remember any other people on this board making any excuses when their team lost.
Am I wrong?Nope!!!!
I know all you rider fans will disagree.What does everyone else think?

Not the way I swing a pipe!

And the Esks can call me up if they want me to take out Dickenson before next game. I'll throw a balloon at his head when he's not wearing his helmet.

Don’t fill it with water tho, you might kill him instead of just knocking him out. :slight_smile:

I know, it’s not nice to make jokes about hurting people, but Jebus made me laugh, I thought I’d throw something in to attempt to make it funnier.