If Albert Can't Go

Anyone been at practice this week? Albert Smith is reported as hurt (day-to-day) but hasn't practised. If he has to sit out against TOR, does that mean Ventrell Jenkins will get the call?

I hate to single out individual players but I haven't been impressed with Albert Smith at all this year. In the interim, I'd like to see Jenkins get a shot, whether Smith is injured or not. In the long term. I'd love to get McIntyre back from the NFL and Kirk back from injury which hopefully will be sooner rather than later.

Not sure what you're not seeing but he has played quite well.

I'm not seeing enough pressure from the interior of the line when they are pass rushing. Never mind the secondary, the weak part of our defense right now is our defensive line. We can do better than Smith and Steele starting at the tackle spots. The only D-lineman playing great right now is Justin Hickman. As much as I love Stevie Baggs, he's got to pick up his game alot more as well. Saturday night against the Argos would be a great time to start!!!

I don't think you fully understand the role of a DT. A DT is never going to have DE type stats.

Okay then, if you're happy with the play of our defensive tackles, then that's great.

P.S.: I hope I fully understand the role of a DT.

You have to admit, the DLine was physically ouplayed last Saturday night. The interior tackles need to get more push and colapse the pocket. This allows the DE more advantage by coming around the ends or by stunting beside a DT. It's all about the trenches and who physically outplays the opposing lineman. As Cgris Walby would say" the hoggies." Steele is fairly young and is gaining experince. Smith has slimmed down from last year. Jenkins is an unkown who will need to bring his A game.

Looks like my Jenkins guess is right. Surprised, unless he's agreed to stay vague for the team, that the beat reporter didn't previously pick up on any part of a pretty unusual situation where half the PR will be activated for the same game -- 3 players who have never dressed for a CFL regular season game:

8) I agree wholeheartedly "mighty one". I did hear during the game the other night that the DC is having Baggs play a different role, other than just being a rush end. That figures !! Make a guy play a different role than what his specialty is,

and that is rushing the QB.

 I also have not been impressed by Baggs play this year.  Obviously his new role has a lot to do with that !!!    <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->