If a Tree Falls in the Woods

.. and there is no one there to see it.......
If Nathan Rourke can stay healthy, he is as good as gone to the NFL next year. It's been 3 generations since anything like this has been seen in the CFL, and yet there was like 5000 fans in BC Place tonight? I watched tbe game just so depressed, knowing that if a once in 60 year event cant stir interest in this league, then it is a good as dead.


I hope that's not the case. But I can't disagree with you.

Do you know Nathan's contract situation? Is there any chance that BC could retain his rights for at least one more year? Love watching this kid play and it would be a real shame for the CFL as a whole to lose this audience magnet. Sick of the CFL being treated as a development league by some.

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It is a two edged sword. If Rourke has what it takes to have a cfl career that mirrors or surpasses Flutie, then he probably wont play here long enough to do so.

I just hope that if he ever makes it in the NFL, he plays for a team I do or can cheer for.

Hes only 6'1. Not sure he fits the mould for an NFL quarterback. If he did he wouldve at least been drafted

Drew Brees was only 6 ft.

But he went in the 2nd round

Just sayin that there have been successful qbs in NFL shorter than Rourke, and there have been successful qbs that played in the CFL first

I am quite sure that being Canadian worked against Rourke more than anything else

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Ya its very political as well. Pretty well need to be from a top tier div I school. And his passport is likely strike ii

He will have to stand for the national anthem too :wink:

They think MacGill is a type of Bass fish lure down here too.

I am pretty sure no matter the history, if Rourke can continue to excel over a 2 year period, NFL teams will come knocking

It would be cool to see a Canadian kid get a crack down there and would be good for Canadian football as a whole

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On the other hand, I hope he doesnt follow in the footsteps of Printers and Jerimiah Johnson. Hero today, gone tomorrow.

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Yeah itll be tough for BC to keep that team together for sure especially if Rourke signs a big Collaros type deal

Audience Magnet? 16k announced. Probably less than half of that in reality

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If a tree falls, why did it fall? Was it drunk?

If a tree falls, help it up

If a tree falls, bandage its knots

If a tree falls, help the rodents find a new home

If a tree falls, Pray for it

If a tree falls, checks its pulse

If a tree falls and has no pulse, cremate it.

If a tree falls, ask it if it really fell

If a tree falls, get it a lawyer

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He would be the reason I would be a fan of that NFL team just like I followed Moon to Houston and Flutie to Buffalo.

The CFL is much like an NCAA team that way yet I'm not sure how they would be able to capitalize on that.

There's always someone that they miss on. Even right now in NFL training camps there are undrafted players that are impressing and will make the team.

And the only reason why I even know this is because of fantasy football. Something the CFL can improve upon and probably get new fans from.

I'd much rather keep him in our league and then it will be good for the Canadian Football League as a whole.