If a stadium is built in Halifax?

Can anyone tell me how far a three hour drive would put you from there. I know it’s not uncommon to drive 3 hours on the prairies for a game, I even did it myself once while camping at Saskatchewan Landing. Given reasonable weather and traffic. How long a drive from PEI would it be? Being from the west coast I don’t even know what the roads are like back there. Also, how long a drive do you think people in the maritimes would except to go to a CFL game as a season ticket holder or casual attendance?

Don’t worry. When the self driving cars come out everyone will be laughing.

Four hours puts

Cap Breton
Annapolis Valley

In range. Most people are use to making the run as they come for their Hospital visits QE2 and Children’s Hospital and their big shopping trips.

Moncton NB is approx 2 3/4 hour drive, much closer than the 4+ hours from Sydney in Cape Breton NS. As for PEI, I see it as a pipe dream to think a significant number of people from the most populated part of this province (Charlottetown/Summerside) will travel 3 1/2 hours and pay a $48.00 bridge toll just for a football game that is not even “their team”. $48. toll + $80. gasoline X 9 + ticket cost to attend 9 reg CFL STH games = wow, not gonna happen!

If they’re going to have a Moncton team, even if only for two seasons, they shouldn’t necessarily play ten games there.

I would give one of their home dates to Saskatchewan, and another to Winnipeg (since they want more dates anyway). Maybe another home date in Mexico. That way it is less of an economic drain for those who have to drive long distances. People will drive long distance. But only for special events.

Make CFL football in Moncton a special event. Or as close as you can get, having their own team.

A team in Halifax would need to be supported primarily by the people of Halifax. But the rest of Atlantic Canada is more likely to attend the odd game or “add” a game to their scheduled trip than they are now. Four guys from the office are heading to a Bruins game next week. People from this area go to Pats and Fighting Irish games as well.

Price of gas isn’t exactly an endearing aspect to driving long distances any more unless you have loads of cash to use recreationally to go to a sports game or whatever that isn’t necessary work related travel. But yes, there does seem to be significant number of people who are immune to gas hike prices to use for recreational purposes.

People in Atlantic Canada tend to plan these trips to Halifax. Wife runs a practice and she sets appointments for out of town folks first thing in the morning. They drive in the day before, they go see a show, hit the casino, catch the “moose”, hit one of the five star restaurants, shop for the grand kids bdays… They make it count. So yes there would be some people attending games from out of town but it would not make up more than 10 percent of the paying fan base.

Interesting take Hf.

As long as all these people recognize they will often have a one to four hour east coast road drive home after night games ending around 10 PM, some on weekdays, some weekends. I really don’t see 10% coming from long distance. Not going to happen.

For night games the overnight could be post-game.

Not going to happen unless you have very very deep pockets.

Almost everyone has relatives or friends that live in Halifax where they can camp overnight

Almost everyone has relatives or friends that live in Halifax where they can camp overnight
I don't at all, and your right that will work for 100 or 200 casual game supporters. But we will have to wait until 2061 before establishing who's right. Cheers!!