If a player were to punt the ball through the uprights...

In the Canadian game, the drop kick can be attempted at any time by either team. Any player on the kicking team behind the kicker, and including the kicker, can recover the kick. A drop kick that goes out of bounds is considered a change of possession.

On September 8, 1974, Tom Wilkinson, quarterback for the Edmonton Eskimos, attempted a drop-kick field goal in the final seconds of a 24-2 romp over the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. He missed. This may have been the last time the play was deliberately attempted in the CFL.

During one game in the 1980s, Hamilton Tiger-Cats wide receiver Earl Winfield was unable to field a punt properly; in frustration, he kicked the ball out of bounds. The kick was considered a drop kick and led to a change of possession, with the punting team regaining possession of the ball.

the # of times this has ever happened in a game is soooo small, so rare, that it wouldn't ever be worth looking at.

burt reynolds did it in the longest yard.

halftime right now during the stamps/lions game...

and the first half just ended in such a way that my proposal would have made for an exciting play...viz. the lions were 3 points down with 3 seconds to go...if they could have thrown a short pass + had a receiver boot the ball through the uprights = tie game going into the half.

That would be awesome to see.

that turns it into auzzie footbal.

yeah, despite everything else being completely different... :thdn:

and then instead of having penalties in yards, we can put the player in a little box for a spevific amount of time... if were going to pick from other sports.