If a player were to punt the ball through the uprights...

Does that count as a field goal? If not, why not?

I think it would have to be a drop kick, no?

of course it's not a field goal! jees man! what ever made you think it could be a field goal?

it's a single point, IF the ball stays in the endzone.

If the ball was touching the ground when kicked, then it would count for 3 pts if it sailed through the uprights…being a drop kick.

yeah but considering it hasn't happened in probably all of our lifetimes... it's a moot situation.

Actually, Doug Flutie did it a few years ago in the NFL.

ok, so you can’t do it…but why not?

what is the point of needing it to touch the ground first? I can see that it’s useful to place the ball on the ground for control purposes (viz. easier to kick it straight/higher accuracy), but what’s the point football rules-wise?

it seems that there should be no condition at all on how it is kicked, only that it was kicked through the uprights…

or am i not noticing some catastrophic possibilities here?

you're totally reaching. you clearly don't understand the rules.

you can only get three points if the ball is touching the ground first.. (or in 99.9999% of the time) it is pinned on the ground and you're intention is to kick it through the goal posts.

when you punt the ball, you aren't intending to punt it through the goal posts.

it's just common sense to any football fan.

the ball is always a single point if its on a punt.

yes, but he asked if he could try it.. it's not like it was something they would normally do... he wanted to have some fun (which surprises me in the No Fun League)

it's not like they're going to try it again.

Yes…but that doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen…which is what you were trying to say originally. I was just pointing out that it has, in fact, happened in recent history.

By no means is it a common play, but it has happened in our lifetimes.

It's only a matter of time before someone, out of desperation, will be smart enough to try it. It'll be a drop kick for 3 points.

I'm not sure that there's any specific point in the ball needing to touch the ground first...that's just the rule. Why does the ball only need to break the plane of the endzone for a touchdown? Why are the hashmarks at their present location? Why do the Bombers stink?

Some of these things are just arbitrary rules that were put in place once upon a time. Although my guess is that it's a holdover from rugby...but since I don't know much about rugby, I couldn't say.

I agree with you.

Here's the CFL Rule Book for light reading whenever you feel like

CFL Rule Book

The rule appears to be derived from Rugby and it was likely created because there was a guy who was way too good at scoring without doing it by drop kick.

Yeah, I guess the point of my topic totally flew over your head. As the last poster noted, it seems to be a completely arbitrary rule. I was just thinking that, if players could punt the ball through the uprights for a field goal we'd have more interesting possibilities in our unique brand of football.

I agree. Every team should have a special teamer with this sort of talent (just in case.) He'll be a wildcard player and he'll have to be virtually flawless. I was just reading about Jonny Wilkinson and wondering about more players similar to him. Rugby players are used to open field tackles and speed is no issue. It'll interest me to see one or more of those athletes make the transition to this league, drop kicking or not.

Jan Carenci of the BC Lions was the last player to drop kick in a regular season game, in the early 80s (1983 I believe), so not that long ago .... Matt Dunigan practiced it a few times at Winnipeg Stadium it when he was with the Bombers in 1994, but the situation never presented in a game that year.

Sort of reminds me of Australian Football. I love the umpires in the white suits that give the one or two finger gun signal to signify a score of whatever they call it. Those guys crack me up. :lol: :lol:

I think this idea is a great candiate for a rule change.

Why not allow it? But only from a certain distance out from the uprights and in a non-traditional punting formation. If the punting team doesn't get it through the uprights, the receiving team could do a touchback, to maybe the 10 or 15 yard line, with no points scored, or they could attempt to run it out to get the best field position. If the punting team makes it, put the points up.

It makes for a much greater gamble and the potential for an exciting play (isn't that why we are all CFL fans?) because, on a missed attempt, there could be a run back, which is different and more thrilling than a punter trying to pin the ball in the coffin corner.

As Mick and the Boys say ..... "it's only rock n' roll but I like it"

which surprises me in the No Fun League) That's exactly WHY Flutie did it!

I have a better idea. Let's leave it the way it is. I'm a CFL fan because I enjoy the game, not because I want to change it into some freak sport.