If a game is not televised then....

The next Renegades game against winnipeg is not on tv but can you still watch it on satellite or like the dish??

no...i wish cfl.ca would show the games, that ARE NOT televised, live on the website.....they have camera men at all games anyways.

I guess even the camra guys need a break but god I wish I could see that game!!!

NO you cant watch is it is not on TV
Satellite does not give stuff that is not televised

…you can watch the game through the Homeland Security SpySat DDCV34 on scanset channel frequency 33588.25…this is a high altitude camera satellite in geosynchronous orbit that can provide 335:1 ratio pixelation, roughly speaking you can tell whether the Blue Lighting dance team decided to go braless or not…tune in on…oh wait, I bet you’re not on one of the new Mark IV Lougheed ‘Nightstalkers’ FBI Reconnasiance aircraft are you?..oh, sorry…never mind…

no... not on the Mark IV....BUT am part of the Stealth 06 Squad which can pretty well seep into anything you are doing...love the Blue Lightning team and hope to see plenty more of them..... 8)

this is might be news to some, but the winipeg vs Sask game named the banjo bowl is not televised. it is usually an allright game, and in my opinion should be televised nationally. Thankfully, the Riders are working hard on getting this thing televised locally on the local access channels. I am not sure if this will be the same in Manitoba, but us Rider fans will probably watching our the Bombers lose on their own turf, from the confort of our own homes

One thing I don't understand about the CFL (it was two things but i've seen the light regarding the "rouge" :wink: Is why they can't televise every game for a particular weekend? For the most part, we're only talking about four games and you would think that between TSN and CBC they would have enough crews to cover every one.

Or is there something hiding under the table I don't know about?

There is absolutely no reason for them not to 365.

but...if we can't see a game, all nine teams have a radio station that simulcasts on the internet

Last year Sportsnet got to do a few games. I wonder why TSN didn't sell them any this year?

It seems to me that Sportsnet didn't get good ratings fo rhte games they showed

More than likely, people figured out that their announcers couldn't call a decent game (at least, that's my opinion). I liked the fact that they carried the games, but I'd rather not listen to those guys actually do play-by-play. Besides, they've got too many Jays games to work any CFL into their precious scheduling. What a crock.

sportsnet did not want them