If a 1960s football player could travel through time ...

If a typical, hard-nosed football player from the 1960s suddenly found himself on the playing field in 2012, what do you think would surprise him most about today's game?

Some ideas:

  • The superb physical conditioning (and/or enormous size) of the players
  • The wide open offensive schemes - e.g. 6-receiver sets
  • Over-the-top celebrations for routine plays
  • All the long hair coming out of the helmets
  • Artificial turf
  • Loud music in between plays

I would gather his #1 surprise & reaction would be ... "I'm getting paid WHAT? To play football? Really? Someone give me one of those wireless voice machines ... I gotta call the car lot that I work at in the off season & tell them to stick it!"


  • the large coaching staffs;
  • absence of tight ends in base sets;
  • 2 point converts
  • the great insight he'd get into the game by persusing the brilliant comments made by all participants in this CFL fan forum !

They would also say "what a bunch of wimps" - back in the 60s many players played two ways. Defensive linemen played Offensive linemen too. They would say what do you feed these "O" linemen, there were no 300 pound Offensive linemen in them days (steroids these days). Probably surprised why QBs don't punt the ball. Why do players hug each other? back in the 60's they didn't hug. How come they give have to give 5 yards on a punt?

Players would also wonder why there are not a lot more fans at Ticat games - no increase after 50 years?? yet the population has tripled. What's with all the loud music piped in? what's with telling fans when to cheer or make noise? Do fans these days actually know when to make noise and cheer?


Or ... Why do the fans look like a bunch of rubies? People used to dress up when they went to games. It was an event. It was a privilege. Women wore their Sunday best complete with a yellow corsage. Men wore a hat & tie. Coaches did on the sideline for that matter!


The coaches did wear suites and hats, but not the fans, especially in Hamilton. Hamilton fans wore steel hats and carried lunch pails with booze inside. Cheerleaders wore sweaters. The only music at the games was the Ticat Marching Band, no video board, no announcement as to who the ball carrier was etc just the announcer in a monotone voice saying 1st and ten or 3rd down etc that was it!!! No artificial turf, lots of mud.

Empty seats?

"8 teams?"

"Gatorade? Where's the Labatt's 50?"

.....the comments such as this
( player)-man, those tv. sets have sure gotten big and how the heck did they hang them at the end of the field
..........- WOW, there's NO Ottawa Rough Riders and Wpg. is in the east
..........- What ,Sask. has a total of three Cups, after all these years (thought I'd throw that one in there for the kindly prairie folks) :roll:

okay MJ , maybe some comments aren't all that brilliant :lol:

Whaddya mean there's timeouts?
Whaddya mean there's blocking on punt returns?
There's more than 32 players on a team roster?
What's a challenge flag?

Take a look at the classic photo of Mosca hoisting the 60th Grey Cup @ IWS. Vast majority of fans in background were in their Sunday best. As was the case in Box J in the 60's where my grandfather sat with my mother & father. Shirt, tie, overcoat. Women had a big yellow carnation or mum corsage. Maybe the boxes were different than elsewhere, but I do remember it being a classier affair back in the day. It was a privilege to go to a sporting event.

And the only booing was of the visiting team. No one booed or cursed the home team. There was a healthy fear and respect of the players because they were tough, normal men that you saw in the community. There was no great separation between fan & player.


"Wide receiver?? I'm a Defensive tackle!"

Probably cuz they were good back then.


Agree 100%

"Whaddya mean no brass knuckles allowed?"

Holy #/&@!! , that Argo fan running and waving that Argo flag made it from one end of the walkway to the other without getting jumped and thumped!!!