If 7 -1 in 2011 equals Swaggerville....

.... what does 1 - 7 equal in 2013? :twisted:

= Staggerville

Worst start since '98 for them when they started that year 0-8 :lol:

Impotent-ville, flaccid-ville, floppy-ville, limp-ville... This is fun!

Looks like the 2003 Cats might have some company as worst team in history........can you say.....1 and 17 ??????

From the depths of 1-17 in 2003, Ticat fans have had years of enduring quite a lot of excrement on the field the last decade. Yet it can be said that even in the most delusional perfectionist moments – or before a free agent frenzy gone wrong – an air of “show-me” has prevailed and Ticat Nation has continued to keep a grip. The Peg? Not so much. Swaggerville? A bag of locusts have more on the ball from an organizational perspective than the poobahs left sitting in that swank palace they’ve built.

People can pile on all they want on Bob Young, but all he’s done is fork over a pile of dough to secure the best talent available (arguably on paper) that he could via his football people. The Bombers haven’t scouted well re Canadian talent since George Bush Sr. was in Washington. It is an absolute mess and no fairy dust is going to cure the rot in Skeeterville.

I went to every game that year. I had free admission by handing out the free game day programs (with Football Niagara - thanks again Wally). Each loss was stinging. I tried to vary my approach when handing out the programs, saying things like "It's guaranteed win night - the Cats guarantee someone will win". Before the Green game I handed a program to a rider fan, wishing him luck but not against my team. He replied in a way that showed he probably wasn't originally from Saskatchewan (whose people are some of the nicest in the country). I still remember the resulting (only win of the year) victory. It felt like we had won the Grey Cup (as our team obviously wasn't going to come close in challenging for it). I thought of the ignorant fan who had verbally flipped me off. Karma, as they say, never sleeps.


That 1-17 team competed every week. Look at the Winnipeg bench every week and it's a pretty sorry sight -- more passengers than Aeroflot in a Siberian winter.

we just call that winnipeg...