Idiots in the TSN booth

1st rod black what a flamming disaster!! 2nd glen suitor over and over last nite burris last year was 1game away from a 6000 yard season and we haven't seen that since doug flutie!! oh really!! NEVER HEARD OF AC BOZO?!!

Correct Trump, AC passed for over 6000 yards in 2004.

If AC has played for another team, say the Riders, maybe TSN would refer to him as the best CFL QB ever, rather than 'one of the best', a they did on Friday evening.

sorry I believe AC passed 4 6000 plus yards at least twice maybe even 3 times!! again sorry AC is in the top 3 but #1 4 me is/was Russ Jackson!!

Only once in 2004

But your point of not having to go back to Fluite is correct

Yep, AC only did it once in 2004, when we had that cadre of four 1000-yard receivers (Copeland, Cahoon, Cavil, and Anderson).

I knew AC had another 4 receiver 1000 yard plus season and thought he had to have passed 4 6000 plus yards again!! the 4 were vaughn, cahoon, stala and watkins!!