Idiots in the stands

At last year's rematch, there was a Calgary fan that almost got arrested for being obnoxious. He clammed right up after having the **** scared out of him by the cops.

Well, last night it was an Edmonton fan - a season ticket holder who sits not too far from me.

This guy is wound tight at the best of times. The Esks can be 30 points up on their opponents, and this guy will still yell at them. And I've noticed he doesn't drink, so you can't blame it on alcohol.

Last night he decided to yell at - get this - a few old ladies sitting behind him. Not just old, so old I wondered how they got down the stairs. Blue hair, canes, you name it. Not just a little bit of a yell, either. A full blown 3 minute tirade.

Someone had the good sense to call an usher, and mr. hothead got a very stern talking to. There were also 3 cops (big ones) waiting at the top of the stairs for him after the game.

Pretty much everyone within earshot was shaking their head at this idiot. I have no idea if he'll be allowed back, but I'm willing to bet he'll behave himself if he does return.

Anyone else ever see something similar? This is my first time seeing some guy almost getting physical with an old lady.

…weird, it was a tight game and I could see how stress would be ample for all fans, but to blow up at esk123’s grandma?!..that’s pretty low…

…that obnoxious stamps fan, it was probably Calgary4Life, he even said so… :lol:

See? This is what happens when kids(?) forget to take thier ritalin.

Hey nice to be back, i have season tickets directly beside the guy you are talking about, he is a hardcore esks fan and i dont know if you could hear or are there every game but those old people yell at us the whole time about standing up after the play. he got tired of it and told her to shove it. i have never heard so many profanities come out of a old lady before. get your story straight before you make him look bad. ive only had those seats for 2 years now but he has had them for 10. they do this every game.

standing up the whole time after the play is inconsiderate and assinine. Those ladies have a right to complaint and he wasis a complete lowlife to verbally assault them. Gotta question the character and judgement of anyone who would defend him as well.

He definitely got the worst of it then. The cops were waiting for him, not the old lady.

The fact of the matter is that no matter what an old lady does, a younger guy who retaliates is going to be on the receiving end when the cops get involved. :expressionless:


And I believe he said “those old people yell at us the whole time about standing up after the play.”

I stand up and applaud whenever my team scores or makes a great play.

I don’t see what the problem is.

the sense I get from what was said is

1 - the guy stands up often, not just on great plays or scores.

2 - the guys stays standing for long period of time.

Rising out of your seat for a moment after a good play is ok, but for Gods sake sit down again. Obviously those old ladies dont have it in them to keep standing up and down and they have a right to see what is going on too. Its called consideration. Something so few people, specially younger people, are in the habit of practicing these days, it seems.

Dude i sit right beside him! we cheer after the plays, the guy on the speaker says get up and cheer on your D and we do and then they string us a line of about 10 curse words! we dont stand for a long time after maybe 20 seconds and high five with the people around us, and the cops are there every game partner! there not waiting for him, havent missed a home game in 3 years and they’re always there!

I guess I cant comment any more without having firsthand knowledge as you say you have. I can only say that I have often had people standing in front of me for excessive amounts of time and it infuriates me. I also know that on tv when they show the crowds, there are often morons standing for long periods of time.

Well, I never miss a home game either. This was the first time I can remember 3 cops waiting at the top of the stairs. The same stairs that run past the guy that the usher had a long talk with 15 minutes before. The same stairs he had to climb to exit the stadium. There weren’t any police at the top of any other staircases, just this one. Coincidence?