Idiotic Letter to the Editor

In this mornings Spec:

"The Ticats history of many defeats over the past years in synonymous with Ron Lancaster's tenue with the team.
Owner Bob Young is a reportedly smart man, so I wonder, as I am sure many others do, why he has not realized that.
The Ticats fired the wrong man. It should have been Lancaster and it should have been many years ago."
William Fuller, Burlington

Well Mr. Fuller, can you please tell me who the last coach was of the Tiger Cats when they last won a Grey Cup? Or do you even know the answer to this?

I love people, I really do. They called for Marshall's head nonstop and now that he's gone they're bashing Lancaster and he hasn't even coached one flippin game yet.

From Burlington.....


Excuse me, what do you mean by that? I'm from Burlington, I'm a diehard cat fan (one of the 15,000 before the Bob Young era). You can't classify the fan by the city! I think this move was a scapegoate, at the same time I think something had to be done so the players would know that their jobs aren't secure. Lancaster will do just fine, he has a team now (1-17 with no money, no players, no Bob Young).

Without Burlington fans we have no team....
Enough said!

I would really love to meet you then and Hang out because you must be one of the Burlington residents that do not have a hate on for THE HAMMER THE DIRTY CITY. I work in burlington and have seen it first hand. Really i do appreciate your comments and your open mind about our city and our team.

I don't know a lot of those kinds of people, I know some but most of us would much rather be in Hamilton then we would Toronto. When people talk stuff about Burlington I just shrug it off. Remember, Home is where the heart is (or at least city)

WOW, i really would like to hang out with you. I work with people that will not even attend a social function if it is located in Hamilton. My comments still stand but thank you for being the exception.

Thank god for the out of towne folks who support the cats. They actually go out of their way to come to the games and spend their hard earned cash in Hamilton. Lets leave the out of town profiling out of this arena. Go Cats

Ok, I'm sure there are a certain amount of people that live in Burlington that put Hamilton down as a dirty city. But then, as someone growing up in London, we did the same thing.
I live on the east mountain now and really enjoy living there. I am a short 15-20 minute walk from Kings Forest and the escarpment which is gorgeous for walking in around the golf course. And can walk behind Henderson Hospital for another beautiful escarpment walk. People I know who live in Burlington don't have such a beauty as this nearly as close to them. Hamilton truly is a beautiful city, much nicer than London for sure, or most of Burlington from what I see, other than the steel factories which are easily avoided. The escapment and bayfront trails are absolutely priceless.
And the Ticat faithful from Burlington, while I don't know the numbers, are fantastic, they are the smart ones knowing we have a great Hamilton-Burlington relationship going here, better than relating to Toronto and all the traffic there, and that huge bowl like stadium they call the Rogers Centre.

I live in Burlington

Hell Before I Got a Car 2 Months ago
I Took the bus to games & Tranning Camps
Walked home at 1 AM Cause Burlington Buses Stop at 12

I May Gripe at things But do love this Team

That's a mighty big brush you're painting with. :slight_smile:

I know where you're coming from, and in some cases it's true, but some of us are Hamiltonians and season ticket holders who live there because it's more convenient to get the train to work in Toronto.

Re: Letter
Even though the guy sounds senile at least he has a definite opinion on the firing of Marshall.
There are a few in here who cant screw up the courage to decide or form an opinion.
They wait and see how Lancaster works out, then they'll say "see, I told ya" or "I knew it all along".
If the team still tanks under Lancaster you better believe all the Lancaster haters (who are hibernating) will be out for blood
and praising Marshall as a martyr.

In that case Zontar, I personally will believe that the actual talent on this team is very poor.

Lancaster-haters wont blame players.

True enough. But a Lancaster hater is someone who isn't very bright, IMHO.

Fifth QTR and used to have tons of them a couple of years ago but they all slinked back into the woodwork …waiting.

Well, IMO they are going to have to keep waiting as we are going to see a much better performance from this team from now on!

How soon we forget that during Coach Lancaster's last 2 or 3 years, he was hobbled with zero budget, zero marketing, and zero support from the ownership group. It's kinda hard to find and sign good players to replace injured/released players when you have no money to pay them.

i for one think Lancaster is the best person to bring in right now.

y'all can quote me on that later.