Idiot talking at the end of the game

How about the idiot, I dunno who it was, at the end of the game that kept going on about how they'd try to kick for a single and what not so that they'd be ahead in the season series. Is this guy a complete idiot? The riders would have been so glad to give up a single in that situation. The season series matters little to none at this point, Riders are 4 points back and each team has 2 games left, Riders won't win both and Eskies won't lose both. I wanted to punch that guy in the face.

The single would have tied the game and sent it onto OT actually, at had nothing to do with season series.

No, he was talking about the Eskies going for a single.

......let's let that quote stand on it's's a GAME kk, a sporting GAME........

Yea, I often want to punch announcers in the face. Every time Piere McGuire talks I also want to punch him in the face.

I like this guy already...

.....too violent.....go pet a kitten KK, it's a game dude.........

I have 14 kittens at my house, and I hate them.

I like this guy's style, what bar you go to? Maybe I'll join you for the Lions game.

haha, I also can't stand pierre mcguire. He such a "Monster" idiot. All he does is call people moster performers, and make absolute statements, like this is the best game theodore has ever played, he's a monster.

Does anyone actually enjoy listening to Pierre McGuire?

…what would he call Herman Munster?..

actually they probably should have kicked the FG or went for the single so they could take the series with Zero chance of Sask catching up. anything can happen in the CFL, Sask could go on a win streak, and the Eskies could go on a loseing skid. bad call IMO.

Yeah and he get's so obsessed with people. Tootoo, Phaneuf, a DOUBLE PHANEUF. All he does is yell and get over excited and Monster Phaneuf he's a monster a real monster best monster ever Phaneuf, DOUBLE PHANEUF, monster, monster Phaneuf.

Btw, if you were talking to me I'm only 17 I don't go to the bar yet.

.........but Phaneuf IS a monster......

It was a smart play by Edmonton to punt (although dumb not to punt out of bounds). Edmonton has to think they are going to win one of the next two games. Also if they miss the field goal Holmes has a better chance of a long return then a punt, especially a punt out of bounds.

No, Oilers are gonna crush Flames tonight. Flames suck.

..screw you kk, time to smother your wimpy complaints....

Not my fault Oilers are a much faster team and are going to win.

Flames can't play clutch and grab anymore, so they're gonna lose.

True enough, but they should be more confident in Flem he was hitting those FG's all afternoon. you made me see a little bit of light, little harder choice than i originally thought.