Idiot kicker finaly punted from Bombers

Well it took 17 years of suffering but the useless twit of a kicker named Troy Westwood has been let go from my Beloved Winnipeg Blue Bombers !!!
No more missed last min MISSED field goals by a local village idiot !!!
Now I will be able to pay to watch my team again its been 9 years since I told the team I will not pay for tickets until you get rid of "the idiot kicker" !!!
I can only hope Toronto Maple Leafs hire him as their Head Coach so I can watch him lose and get fired in a year in Hogtown !!!

Happy in Wpg, B$ lets be fair....Troy had his day and had some great days as a Bomber...I remember one which stands out like the last minute field goal to beat the Riders with NO time on the clock....I can understand some peoples' feelings toward the guy...he could get under your skin....but you know what, that's a part of sports....Idiot...i don't think so... :wink: :lol:

As far as i am concerned, you can get lost and never attend a BB game ever again. If you were any sort of faithful fan you claim you are, you would have stuck with the team and the teams decisions. Do you actually know how idiotic YOU sound?

As for us REAL faithful fans, who actually go to all games through the good and bad times and i know i speak for alot of us, we don't need your kind in the stands, as far as this post, it looks pretty clear that the "IDIOT" here and the only idiot is you.



...while you may disagree with his hate-on forever I don't think being critical of your team means you are not a REAL fan...many fans look at their team and see faults, areas to be corrected, adjustments to be made...this doesn't diminish your love for your team, if anything it shows you love it immensely as it is suffering to see your team fail in some areas....

...but I do agree with you on the subject of paying to support your team...this is rule A#1, otherwise you end up no better than Ottawa...

What an unbelievably ignorant post. If you held out against the Bombers for nine years because of one player you disliked you are not a fan. Not even a fair-weather fan. Just a complete moron. Do us all a favor and stay at home again this year. Troy had more heart than most guys on the roster. He was a true Bomber and a good kicker who proudly served and defended Winnipeg for 17 years.

ha ha iam not a bomber fan but i hate west wood he was inconsistant and missed way too many and now hes mad or somthing i cant rember hes like noel prefontane who is mad at tronto

Geez after all the hate for Troy, Troy seems to be looking good compared to "Stubbed toe Duncan"

By the way, where is Duncan? Smokin that good BC weed to take the pain of his big toe away?

Don't be surprised if Troy finds his way to T.O. after Vanderjagt falls off the wagon again. Kick for the middle uprights, man, not the one with snakes crawling up the side.

Westwood will never be back in the CFL, inconsistant for to many years, If he made more of an effort on the field like he does with his mouth off the field then maybe he would be on his game. Vanderjagt will do fine.

Who has the best playoff FG percentage of any place kicker in CFL history, hitting 85.7% of his field goals (that averages to 6 out of 7)?

A. Dave Ridgeway
B. Dave Cutler
C. Paul McCallum
D. Noel Prefontaine
E. Lui Passaglia
F. Troy Westwood

HINT: No one ever dumped a truckload of manure on Troy Westwood's lawn after the playoffs.

It's too bad that unlike hockey, you can't just dog it in the regular season and show up in the playoffs. The FG kicker needs to be consistent all year. 2007 was by far Troy's worst year in the regular season (60.6%). I hold Dave Berry responsible for part of that, as I hold Dave Berry personally responsible for every failure of the Bombers in his tenure, especially for losing the Grey Cup last year--I want him run out of town on a rail, tarred and feathered.

These are Troy's regular season stats. You can definitely see that he took his FG kicking to another level in the playoffs.

Don't be surprised if he ends up with a team like the Argos and puts a dagger through the heart of some of your favorite CFL teams one more time. Say what you will about Troy in the regular season, but in the playoffs, he's a cold-blooded assassin that will strike your team dead if you give him the chance.