Ideas to grow CFL fanbase

IMO, it wouldn't be that big of a deal. It has already been stated that the schedule for a 10-team league will feature more games within the divisions. Halifax home games will likely start at 8pm Atlantic Time, which will be 7pm Eastern Time. It will give those fans making the trip from New Brunswick an extra hour to get to the game.

Commercials played during CFL games should feature CFL players not NFL players, in fact, any commercials played on Canadian TV stations that are using NFL players should be required to change to Canadian players in CAnada, to enhance Canadian content. Currently there are commercials that feature NFL players. That would increase the exposure of CFL players and the CFL.

Marketers in the CFL have been operating like it's in a vacuum at times .

One someone mentioned it earlier but use cross marketing extensively . Use other products and piggy back already used products . Whether it's a soft drink , beer ,
ice cream , cereal or a bank navigate the market with cross promotions extensively .
They use Post cereal now and a few beer makers as well .

Two the youth market it's being done well to some degree with a kid's game , CFL/NFL touch football and Nissan's cross promotion where they assist youth football by purchasing equipment and help build fields . They could use a game that is stronger for the older youth and adult age . They should also cross promote with the entertainment industry and make sure they are visible with music and gaming .
I know they marketed the Battle Royale Game during the CFL games enough one year even I down loaded it and played the addictive game .

Three is very much my opinion but you can't make a small league smaller . Until there is enough teams get rid of the division set up .

Four is extend past TSN . The CFL needs more than one platform for media rights .2021 can't come soon enough to change . Rogers is now too big of a player to ignore and you need to get on one of the major networks for the big show the Grey Cup .

Five is improve officiating and or rules the game which is getting better but you still need to improve the flow of the game . Nothing will get a fan or lose a fan quicker than watching a great action game or a boring game with many dull time outs and hiccups of penalty filled games .

Rebrand it as "Football without Politics" and market it towards the large swath of American FB fans that are tuning out the NFL due to their National Anthem protests.

Interesting thought ob start time. Game would end at 11pm local though...

I would start by moving Mark's CFL Week to cities that actually need help growing the game. Let's get Regina and Winnipeg more excited about the CFL than they already are. Brilliant! ::slight_smile:

I can't recall in recent memory when the CFL has been less relevant in this market. Part of it has been the anemic play of the Lions, but there just doesn't seem to be the excitement or controversy or buzz around the league. No big signings to speak of (just FAs shuffling from team to team), no draft to really get excited about (who knows if they're even going to play in the league or head south? And some of the draftees come to camp and ones that come to camp and get poached off the PR like Jeremy Zver was last year). Playing in such a huge stadium means that there's no rush to buy tickets, just come on down to the stadium, we've got a seat for you. Many in fact.

That would be my first priority. Get bums in the seats at all costs because that can change perception. Thankfully, the Leos are trying something that frankly, should have been tried long ago: $5 tickets for kids. This can (and has proven to be) a good football market. They just need a better strategic vision.

-Video Game

-In the off seaon get players out to more bars to mingle with the millennial crowd. From what I hear back in the day, Mosca would be out drinking with fans.

-Get out to more of the high schools, kids now a days are enamored with the NFL. Get these CFL stars to talk in cities near by that don't have CFL teams. I remember the Ti-Cats doing a practice in London help build a fan base.

-Play more preseason games in cities that don't have CFL teams

-I know this would be hard to do, but try playing a regular season game in the states. Maybe a place like Katy Texas, where Bo Levi Mitchell was considered a god during his playing days in high school. St.Louis I know wants a CFL team, play a game there and market it around players from that area.

-See if they can get little CFL figures into happy meals or Wendy's kids meals. Something cool like a Mike Reilly throwing a pass or an Andrew Harris using his spin move.

-For the ladies, with a date with a CFL player of their choice.

-Get TSN to play the Grey Cup on CTV to reach more viewers.

-Great half time acts. People love music, they can see a great band at half time and watch football.

-The jerseys are great now a days, but I like the Vintage a lot more. Maybe each season use a jersey from a different era for one game an sell it in your teams shop.

-Try to encourage more young kids to play football. I know know a days parents worry about concussions, but we need to get youth football numbers up.

-I think the main thing though is to try to change that inferiority complex that many Canadians have towards the CFL.

More televised, afternoon games in the autumn. Kids play football in the yard at halftime and after the game.

All Stars versus Grey Cup Champions, and even a team of Canadian All-Stars.

Grey Cup in the afternoon.

Canadian coaches and starting quarterbacks. Homebrews.

Find a national corporate sponsor that everybody loves.

Maritime sports fans are used to watching big league sports on tv that often start at 8pm. It's also the same for those watching U.S. network tv shows. Considering almost all night games are played on Friday or Saturday, many attending fans wouldn't have to worry about going to work the next morning. I'm sure that the league and TSN would want more exposure in heavily populated Ontario and Quebec.

Get rid of the coaches challenges. I used to watch all the games. They don't have to be perfect. I can survive the occasional missed call.

But by all means, put it in the hands of the refs, if they must review something, but I only want to see it happening once in a blue moon.

Roll back the rules to when the Lions last won the Grey Cup (since they obviously seemed to be working).

If learning the Canadian game wasn't hard enough now the players have to keep track of all these new rules. Just stop it already. There's something called ruining a good thing.

(I'm a stickler when it comes to history). You'd think they would have figured out what the game was by now or is Canadian football like Monopoly. There has to be several editions.

The only new rules I would accept if it involved the game evolving back to its rugby roots in response to the concussion issue. I know they say football is a game of inches. But they want more offense anyway, and Canadian football only has three downs. It would work with Canadian football.

In which case I could see a Team Canada like in the Brier. (Canadian football would just be a slowed down version of rugby).

New CFL director of officiating: ‘I wouldn’t say I’m happy’
Posted onMarch 23, 2018byDrew Edwards// 16 Comments
The CFL’s new director of officiating says the league has done a poor job of making sure fans know the rules and standards.

Maybe someone in the CFL should come up with a mock midterm or final exam?
Potential questions:
Of course you have to mention the length of the Canadian field, the three downs, and which two teams once shared the same name.
I think this would with the perceived quirkiness of the game in regards to American fans. Personally, I wouldn't mind seeing a contestant on Jeopardy being quized on one certain aspect of the Canadian game and answering:
"What is the Waggle."