Ideas on to quicken the pace of the CFL Game

Thought I would open this up to anyone with ideas on the game flow itself , advertisement ( sponsors ) placement in TV production and general flow of the CFL game to enhance the viewers experience watching at the stadium and on TV .

  1. Get rid of challenges and reviews on penalties. We'd have to live with more bad calls, but I think the increased flow would be worth it.

  2. Stop pausing to have refs announce penalties. Have them communicate the penalty to the stadium announcer and broadcast booth as they set the ball for the next play.

  3. Reduce TV timeouts during the game, but increase the length of the halftime break to allow for more TV advertising and more time for those in the stadium to go to the washroom and/or buy food and drinks.

  4. Take advantage of the natural breaks between plays for more quick ads. This could be done via split screen so the viewer can see the play being set and the formations the teams are getting ready to run.


for your number one I'm good with reviews on penalties called not penalties Not called . Two a game for terrible officiating . Hate fishing for calls . eliminate that .

The over sight should only review the most erroneous matters of ball control , field containment , spot of the ball so maybe a clear indication the guy was not out of bounds this maybe one or two or none during a game . But Not penalties . This is strictly two a game for actual calls made not one's not made .

two , three and four all good points .

This will eliminate most of the stoppages .

Definitely like the idea of coaches challenged on penalties, especially pass interference. The idea had merit as people wanted the right calls. But over time I have seen the cost in all sports in terms of the entertainment value and I'm more willing to live with errors being made, even if it's against my team. Overtime these things will even out.

To do also like the idea of shorter stops when a penalty is called. We have the technology to communicate quickly.

I may be on an island on this one, I would like to see the clock run the same inside 3 minutes per half, the same way it runs the rest of the game. It slows the pace down towards the end

I would also like to see a tweak to the play clock where it runs as soon as an inbound complete play ends instead of waiting for the officials to line up the ball. Even if it's increased from 20 to say 30 to 35 seconds.


Move to an NFL-style 40-second clock. Right now, there is too much time between plays because the play isn't whistled in immediately. As soon as the ball is dead and the whistle blown to end a play, the clock should start running immediately for the next play barring timeout or injury.


Like the idea of not having the two three minute time left clock change as Long as it does not help teams just run out the clock with plenty of time left in the game . But if it quickens the game .

The time of the next play should be whistled in quicker good with that as well the set up and tear down must happen faster .

I would like to see special teams maybe less special because of the increased kicking game in the CFL . Change of possession is used for ads and it makes a defensive game appear way too obtrusive instead of on par to the viewer .

I am good with time now for an actual field goal

but the punting should /could be a quicker tear down and build .


Agreed 100%. Three minutes is too much time for the clock stopping so frequently. Just have the clock run normally after the three-minute warning. Would encourage teams to run tempo offenses, which would make for more exciting football.


Have a time limit for reviews by control centre. Some reviews seem excruciatingly long. If they haven't reach a consensus within the time limit, the call on the field stands.


How does everyone feel about time outs ...

should they get rid of them altogether .

yea, kinda like how they do it in F1 when the race is on.

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Absolutely agree with the spirit of your suggestions. Mine would be the same but perhaps more aggressive on the ridding of advertisements during anything other than halftime or the quarters. Soccer, rugby, F1 etc broadcast internationally without commercials during play and still find a way to make money.

The rest of your suggestions really have to do with getting back to grass roots. Similar to what you said, have the refs quickly signal the penalty and the TV and stadium announcers can do the rest.

Every other sport has them, so I don't see the league getting rid of them any time soon. If other changes are made to quicken the game, timeouts shouldn't be a problem.


Although the CFL is a gate driven league, it still relies heavily on TV revenue. I absolutely hate the commercial time-outs but I am willing to endure them for the benefit of a league I have always loved.


I'm OK with 2 per half as long as they remove coaching challenges on penalties....prefer on anything. They can use them as extra times outs especially if the challenge is winnable.

if the league could improve the officiating at least a bit, then get rid of challenges. but sometimes they miss a blatant one that needs challenging. idk, maybe they need to get rid of challenges but make the eye in the sky officiating more active?


The 40 second play only works for the American game as they have 4 downs to contend with.

I like the 20 second play clock as as soon as the play is whistled in the players have to get going.

Even with the 40 second play clock the players still seem to stand around.

I'd like to see clock rules go to soccer style. Except instead of 45 minutes in the first and second half, each quarter is 30 minutes of running time. 5 minutes break between 1st and 2nd, third and fourth. Halftime gets 20 minutes.

Do we add time for stoppages, injuries and "time wasting tactics":rofl::rofl::sweat_smile:

nope lol

Ahh man :rofl:

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