David Braley should hold a news conference and specifically say that the entire Stadium will be open for the Western Final and all 60,000 tickets are up for grabs.

Let's analyze the philosophy behind this marketing strategy.

Okay. We all know that a snowball is small at the top of the mountain but as it gains momentum it picks up more snow and at the bottom of the hill it's a pretty big ball.

Go back to 2004. Remember how excitement picked up as more and more seats got sold? Remember all those announcements on 1040 and NW with the ticket updates? 40,000. Then 45,000. 48,000. No it was 47,000 but I just last heard it's 49,000. Well it's 46,000 on NW but its 48,000 on 1040. Then 52, 53,000.

Now it's over 50,000 and Lowell Ulrich did that "Bring On The Noise" article in the Province. You think that didn't sell tickets?

What I'm saying is that the idea of a full Stadium gets people excited and buying tickets.

It's the idea that has to get across that it WILL be a big crowd.

So the Lions should do a news conference, Bob Ackles, Scott Ackles, whatever, and get the word out that the entire Stadium will be open and that 60,000 tickets are up for grabs.

No more of this crapp we're gonna open it up section by section. That's gets no one excited. In fact, it's a bit of a turn off. It doesn't motivate casual fans to want to come to the Stadium.

opinions welcome....

....I think your idea is better than open up sections at a time...

....if the Riders make it to the finals with your team there probably won't be any problem selling the dome out with all those displaced green and white fans living there....

Rider fans do tend to fill up BC Place...

i gots my tickets! GO LIONS!!! would be awsome to see a full dome!

Hey this is off-topic, but I was wondering if anyone knew the exact location of the surrey practice facility they're going to be practicing at tomorrow because I want to go watch. Thanks.

10605-135 Street, Surrey. It's pretty much under the Skytrain and I think you can access it off 104th. Will give more details when I get them.

Thanks. Is it the same as 106 ave @ 135 st? There's like 5 different versions on translink.

120db I agree with you half way. I totally agree with how excitement built in 04' when we were given not daily, but hourly updates as to how many tickets were sold for the Western Final. By the end of the week, anyone with access to a radio knew how many people were headed to the game. It was worth an extra 10-15,000 fans in the seats. However, they should only release a few sections at the time inorder to insure that it will look good on TV even if they don't "sell out".

Take the Skytrain to Gateway station and walk south along 134th you wll see the training facility as you are walking it will be on the east side. Just walk around to the front and i think there are some bleachers to sit on. enjoy