Ideas? How to improve audience numbers? Attendance?

Expand the league, thus giving fans a bigger variety of match ups.

No thanks.

Are you against expansion completely, or just against trying to force it, or something else?

Why does any of it matter? We are forum members, not CFL administrators, so to be blunt… our opinions on any of this are actually quite irrelevant.


Atlantic Halifax is not in a position to have a team ( economy, stadium and population )

I sure in the hell do not want any US teams ever again.

The only good thing ( other than the Als ) is that the CFL learned how stupid that was.

Expansion has to happen from the ground up, not the top down. When another city is ready with a stadium and ownership, I’m sure the CFL will be there for them.

Then why are you on a CFL message board where discussion of all things CFL is what it’s for?

I have been a fan all my life and have watched as the game has improved in all areas and is incredibly fast. Yet the biggest complaint I hear is " kick the ball- kick the ball"- I know this is heresy but I think 4 downs would fill the seats, especially in Toronto which is an at risk franchaise.

Here comes another first time poster telling us how much he loves the CFL and then criticizes it. :roll:

Because I actually discuss things that are relevant to fans. Not things like how the CFL should change, or anything else that is out of my control.

We’re all welcome to opinions on anything, but when it’s something we have zero control of, then our opinions are literally irrelevant.

mattsdad. Seen him in another thread too. You know you are mid way through summer when mattsdad reappears. :lol:

Continue to have great games and they will come back.

The fact there are fewer complaints of sloppy play and only 3 games have had a winning margin over 8 points this early in the season is helping, but just good games is not enough. Drug policy, high hits, video review and a disciplinary system that is a joke need to be fixed before the league can relax and let the on field product reel them in alone.

How about going back to more Sunday games, Saturday to. I know I sure miss the old Sunday double headers. Someone should check back a ways and see how attendance was when they played more weekend games ?

I miss that too. I’d definitely be in favour of two games on Sundays. Sunday is football day!

110% agree I wish more Sunday games would be scheduled ....the hell with being afraid of going up against the NFL....u like the CFL you will watch it no matter what....

The TV numbers for this year’s first Sunday game, IIRC, were horrible.

The listed # by numeris are not real indication how many people are watching the game. When I get the real #'s that are really used to access the volume of viewers I will post them.

But I agree. Sunday and Monday games like tonight are great. But what is great in one city is not great in another. Weather permitting, events, personal issues,etc

Well I think the numbers all around start improving late summer , especially the old double header Sunday games, vi don't think early summer is a good true indication, I always thought those games drew less because of our short summers.