1 . Lumsden and Keith in same backfield .
2. Start Ernest Jackson at slotback insted of Mitchell
3. Let's see what JP Bekasiuk has as an Olineman . Give him some reps .
4. Give one or two of the new dlineman some reps ( Bradlay , Lancaster , Noa )
5. Start Zemaitis at CB over Gordon . Gordon's time is done .
6. Start Siskowicz at middle linebacker and move Anthony over to Mariuz 's spot . We can do this since we have 2 canadain dlineman starting . Mariuz = special teams .

Oh yes so have one running back help out in the blocking and throw alot out of the backfield and some screens to keep the other dline from pinning their ears back all the time ...

throw alot of high balls to baumann , rodriguez , jackson ...blitz anthony and siskiewicz alot on D ....throw at least 2 bombs to rodriguez

make sure anthony guards the running back out of the backfield

i agree with everything except for replacing mariuz with anthony.

does it really matter anymore what we try to do? we aren't going to win any more games this year!

The idea is to have players auditioning for next years team .

I still think we have by far the weekest imports in the league . We need to give alot of imports looks at dline, db , reciever .

How many imports on our club would start for BC ? HMM ? Well we traded the only one. If Rodriguez continues to develop then he might be the only one.

I agree 100 % - I wouls also replace Tony the Tiger with Jo Jo Walker - who could double as a punt and kick off returner - Tre Smith has turned into a sissy ............

8) What makes you think that Lumsden is even going to play this weekend ???

He probably won’t play - it is reported his too - too is at the dry cleaners and won’t be back in time.

I'd be surprised to see Lumsden play in anymore games this year. For any team.
I really do hope I am wrong.

I believe Lumsden will play Saturday.

i hope the guy dossnt play.
I want kk and tc in the backfield

Couldn't agree more!

JoJo's time to shine is way over due behind these washed up(Miles) and Bust(Mitchell) of receivers.

Also, Gordon is playing well. But I'd like to see Zemaitis and other PR players get some reps in games. Now is the time. After all, unlike all other pro teams, Ticat training camp extends all the way to the end of the regular season, since our GM and coaches can't ever sign enough good players to make the team to start the year.

You fans here are chanting the Don Matthews’ mantra

‘Change is good.’

Don is backing off on starting his rookie QB, folks.

Can’t you fans be satisfied that we aren’t
backing off on starting our rookie QB,

without going for wholeseale changes?

That hasn’t worked for ‘the Don.’

There have been several different players
getting some first string practice reps.

You will likely see a couple of them on Saturday.

Gordon is playing well???

I read Peters blag saying that Gordon made a couple of nice plays last week as well.
You can't just ignore the 131 yards and 2 TDs Geroy (Gordon's man) had last week.

Lets see if he did that every week
2358 yards and 36 TDs
Yeah, Gordon did great......

And I did not feel that Gordon was any worse than normal.
He is our weakest player in a weak secondary.

But yes, lets see Zemaitis and what he can do.


Gordon get's beat over and over and trust me after each play I determine who's man it was. Thompson does not get beat as much and has the odd intercetpion and knockdown .
bradley, teams seem to stay away from as he hits very hard and helmet to helmet ...robinson has been ok and tisdale has shown signs that he can pply like thompson ...that leaves us with glasper and gordon who have been beaten over and over and rarely seem to kock down a pass or create an incompletion due to tight coverage..last year gordonm was average at best and this year is well below average he has had more than enough chance to perform and his size tends to go against him.

we also need siskowic to get a chance at linebacker ...

Gordon does get beat alot.....A WHOLE LOT.....i would love to see what Zemaitis can do instead

me thinks baby huey should be center

The rest of the o-line should be goons from popeye

Donald Duck should be the Running back

Mickey Mouse the QB

While E coyote the Fullback

Pluto and Goofy they two wide receivers

Bugs and Daffy the two slot backs

Road runner the kicke returner

huey duey and luey should be the 3 linebackers

Gotta go now, but you get my drift.

This lineup would for sure out perform present ticats :twisted:

Gotta disagree with some of your picks here:

Baby Huey is too unreliable to play center and lacks footwork. But he's got good size and toughness. He should play DT or Nose Tackle.

Wile E. Coyote seems like a natural MLB. Mind you, while he has ferocious drive and is a super genius, I wonder about his ability to execute. The more I think about it, maybe his true calling is as a defensive coordinator...

Donald Duck: Do you really think Bob Young would allow the team to field a player who doesn't wear pants?

I think the Baby Kangaroo who Sylvester tries to catch would make an outstanding running back. He has tremendous athletic ability and in addition to his elusiveness, he is surprisingly tough. Plus his vertical leap should make him an asset in short yardage situations and fighting DBs as a receiver out of the backfield.

Daffy is locker room poison. No matter how talented he may be, he doesn't belong on the team.

I think Baloo from Jungle Book and Foghorn Leghorn would make good bookends at offensive tackle.

No that leaves us with Gordon....Glasper was cut agaian.

sorry i know glasper was cut . I was trying tomake the point that over this year he and gordon showed nothing and got beat too many times and once glasper got injured his days were numbered . Gordon better hope he stays healthy.

People don't talk about it much but other than thompson and maybe Bradley this secondardy is very weak . I have watched footbal for many years and the only one to make thing difficult on the other teams recievers is thompson ...i am sure the defensive co-ordinator is partly to blame for the wise open recievers too ...

i miss the big play type backs we had before like harold woods , howard fields , jerry anderson , paul bennet , goss , karnegy types .anderson who we had last year is better than anything we have now and he is starting in calgary ...