Ideas for the league to build Financial stability

Ive had this idea for a while and its the same one Asper kind of has. Next year the teams get a extra million each I say the league keeps it and they buy/ or built apartments. Basically any realestate. Thats 8 million a year in 5 years that 40 million and it would have grown a lot. They need something to weather the storm in the lean years and when people do eventually come forward to buy a expansion team they would get more money for the franchise and the people buying it know there are measures in place to help in lean times. These men that own the teams are smart guys and I dont think building would be that hard for them. I think that sometimes you have to sacrifice now to further yourself in the future.

A lot of these guys use their teams as tax shelters...Don't worry they own Real Estate too.

I think pretty well all the teams are financially stable right now. Even the community owned teams are out of debt and making a profit. bout' no? Your idea doesnt even read with any sense.


How do you figure?

I'd say something along the lines of hospitality. Building hotels close to staduims, but it think i'd feel a bit odd renting from the Hamtilton Tiger-Cats Football Club, and then buying game tickets and merchandise ontop of that.

Hospitality just seems a bit more socially conciouse, plus it shows an interest in developing the economy, and city surounding the franchise, nes pa?